Donating to Missions and MIB Programs

Donating to Missions

MIB Agents arranges end-of-life experiences for a child when options for treatment have been exhausted. These missions can range from raising money for research to find a cure, providing a culinary experience to white water river rafting. You can see our completed missions HERE. Our missions are only possible due to the generosity of you. To donate to future missions click the button below. To donate to a specific mission, go to our mission page HERE to see if we have any current missions.

Donating to MIB Agent Programs

The MIB Ambassador program was created to be a face-to-face connection for patients and caregivers to the osteosarcoma world. We are linking together OsteoSurvivors with current in-treatment OsteoWarriors and OsteroCaregivers in the same geographical area. One of the ways we are forming this bond is through our Warrior Totes and our Caregiver Go Bags. As our MIB Agents worldwide hear of an OsteoWarrior in treatment, we will reach out to that Warrior and ask if an Ambassador living in the same area can come visit.  Our MIB Ambassador will bring a Tote and Bag including all the essential must-haves while staying in the hospital. These bags are filled with total awesomeness and are created and packed by fellow OsteoFamilies because we have been there and know what helps. However, the MIB Ambassador program goes beyond our awesome totes. We are connecting current patients with survivors and caregivers with caregivers. As Ambassadors, we are here to listen and we want new patients and their caregivers to know we understand and we are a safe place. We want to join them in their cave so they know they are not alone.  Supporting Agent email:

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