OsteoWarrior Artists: Get Your Supplies Out!

We need you to create a design that will be used as a speaker gift at FACTOR 20 #osteosarcoma conference, a Gift Card for Holiday Gifts, and possibly a FACTOR T-Shirt! Here is all the intel:

Theme: Believe in Better
One piece will be selected to be reproduced, framed and gifted to speakers at FACTOR 2020, possibly be featured on the FACTOR 2020 t-shirt, and as MIB Cards.
All submissions will be shared at the conference, on social media, throughout marketing materials and on the MIB Agents website in the year 2020.


1. Art must be from an OsteoWarrior (or their sibling) under the age of 22. OsteoWarriors include; Osteosarcoma patients, survivors, their siblings and siblings of OsteoAngels.
2. Submission must include 1 paragraph description (on a separate piece of paper) about your art and what it means to you as well as your name, age and connection to osteosarcoma.
3. Size must be 8.5″ x 11″
4. Must be mailed flat (no creases)
5. Be postmarked by December 27, 2019, and mailed to MIB Agents HQ at P.O. Box 858, Barnard VT 05031

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