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January 25-26, 2019 *  Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami – MARATHON & HALF:  January 27, 2019

FACTOR is the first and only osteosarcoma research conference in the world.
We bring the leading researchers, clinicians, surgeons, patient families and OsteoWarriors (survivors, patients and siblings of OsteoWarriors and OsteoAngels) together to Make It Better for those battling this disease.  This work belongs to all of us.   
The FACTOR conference is the largest gathering of osteosarcoma patients in the world.

Conference Objectives
Collaborate with all interested parties on advancing treatments and improving outcomes for patients with osteosarcoma, specifically:

  1. Significantly improve osteosarcoma awareness and patient outcomes through collaborative disease management approach, clinical trials and dedicated osteosarcoma research.
  2. Collectively brainstorm on the challenges and come up with collaborative solutions on a fast track.
  3. Create a symbiotic bridge between the osteosarcoma medical community and the patient community for an improved understanding of patient challenges and solutions.
  4. Provide a platform to various osteosarcoma advocacy/support groups to better collaborate and optimize their resources.
  5. Evaluate funding needs for research and provide impetus to fundraising strategies [by various advocacy groups].
  6. Be a dedicated forum to review progress on an annual basis on various osteosarcoma disease management initiatives.

OsteoWarriors HQ
FACTOR 2019 features the OsteoWarriors HQ, and Agents, It. Is. Awesome! It is also complimentary. OsteoWarriors are:
*Warriors age 5-25 in treatment for osteosarcoma
*Survivors of osteosarcoma
*Siblings of OsteoWarriors
*Siblings of OsteoAngels
Connecting the kids who have lost limbs, friends and siblings to osteosarcoma is one of the most important things we do. To put the hospital behind them for a few days and connect with other kids from across the country who have been through the same thing they have is really special.

Sponsorship Available

Location of Factor 2019 Conference

The Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove is the site for the 2019 Conference!

Photos from 2018 Factor Conference

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