Family Funds are an important part of Making It Better for OsteoWarriors everywhere. These children and families are committed to raising funds in honor of their OsteoWarrior to Make It Better for others. Please read their stories and donate if you can. If you would like to set up a fund in honor or memory of your OsteoWarrior or OsteoAngel see below.

OsteoAngel Seth

Seth Wright won the heart of millions without even knowing. Seth was diagnosed with metastasized Osteosarcoma on November 27, 2017 at the age of 14. Pain started in his left shoulder for months before his Pediatrician would do an X-ray. Four months later he was diagnosed in his left arm and lungs and had a broken collar bone. Seth went through numerous chemos and none seemed to work for him. Seth also had 8 surgeries from limb salvage surgery to lung surgery, cryoablation and radiation to stop his bleeding. Nothing worked. Seth fought hard and kept pushing through. He set goals and tried to accomplish them, and he did. He enjoyed his 4th of July with his favorite Texas Country singers and then his 16th Birthday bash. He made it to his 16th Birthday and sadly gained his wings and beat cancer on the same day. Seth has a passion for collecting Funko Pops and anything Marvel. His love for his collection was so amazing. After each clinic and hospital discharge we would go Funko pop and Marvel collecting to his numerous stores each time. He would save his money and not only bought for himself but bought for his mom, dad and cousin. He wanted everyone around him to pick up his passion for collecting. Seth is now flying high with three angels and I’m sure talking Stan Lee’s ear off! Our sweet Seth will be dearly missed but we know he made a huge impact on the world! 

Thank you for considering a donation in Seth’s honor and memory to MIB Agents.

OsteoWarrior Serena

We have decided to start The Serena Sabuda Osteosarcoma Research Fund this year. Our hope and mission is to raise money each year to support ongoing research for this rare childhood cancer. Rest assure, your generous donation is tax deductible and 100% goes directly to the advancement of ongoing research for Osteosarcoma. We feel very strongly that with your support we can achieve getting closer to a breakthrough treatment for osteosarcoma.

When our beautiful sweet daughter was diagnosed on September 2017 with high grade localized osteosarcoma on her right distal femur, we were numb. We thought that by having absolutely no metastasis in her lungs, she can be cured. Serena endured 9 months of toxic MAP chemo which is 1st line standard treatment for osteosarcoma. It wasn’t long before we learned that MAP chemo is 50 years old and many OS patients do not respond well. Too many end up relapsing and having reoccurrence within one year. This was sadly the case for our daughter. 

Serena relapsed just three months after finishing MAP. This was definitely more devastating to hear. The reality of her now battling stage 4 bone cancer was terrifying and heartbreaking. Knowing the reality of Serena’s situation being incurable was hard to accept. Not something any parents wants to hear.

We decided to attend conferences that are specific to osteosarcoma. To learn as much as we can and to arm ourselves with knowledge. Our family was blessed to attend the 2019 MIB Osteosarcoma Conference. We met doctors, researchers, families, OsteoWarriors, and supporters. It was such a surreal experience to know that so many people care and want to Make It Better MIB for all osteosarcoma warriors.

I cannot tell you how important it is that you donate to support the research and development for osteosarcoma. This is the only way for our daughter to continue living and thriving with this cancer. Your donations is a way for our daughter and other OsteoWarriors to have a real chance at living a quality of life that will give them the longest time possible.

We learned that osteosarcoma is the oldest disease but it is the most underfunded. Without private fundraising efforts like this, we cannot make advancement in the research to develop more targeted therapies. Our daughter and many in her situation are in a race against time. Many will probably not live long enough to benefit if we don’t support this cause now. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Serena is literally living every day as if was her last. She suffers from anxiety, panic, emotional trauma whenever she loses a friend from this disease. Due to the unpredictable nature and aggressiveness, she can only hold on for so long. We need to do better for our kids and young adults like Serena to give them a fighting chance at survival by making advancement needed in OS treatments.

My hope is that as Serena is holding on, Osteosarcoma Research Fund will continue to raise enough money to do meaningful and impactful research. Please donate today so someday a breakthrough treatment for kids like Serena who is battling stage 4 Bone Cancer “Osteosarcoma” becomes available.

We cannot thank you enough for your generous donation. We are touched by your love and support for Serena. Serena has high hopes that someday soon there will be a breakthrough treatment that will save her and everyone battling this beast.

OsteoAngel Mason

From Mason’s Mother: I think a memory that will stand out forever in our minds is that mere minutes after hearing from doctors that they fear Mason may have cancer (our whole family was in the hospital room shocked to the core), he responded that he didn’t think he had cancer, but if he did, he was glad it was not us the parents or his little brothers or sisters. At that moment, I learned the heart of my firstborn son & the unconditional love he had for his family. I told him he is more valuable to us as he is our precious child & any parent would trade places without hesitation to spare their beloved child from any pain or suffering. He loved being a big brother more than anything. The leader they all looked up to. He enjoyed eating delicious foods, anything to do with cars, going out with his best friends, playing video games to connect with buddies, pro sports(Giants, Warriors, 49ers) & Little League baseball, rare pets like his Sphynx cats & Alaskan Klee Kai dogs who brought him such joy. He was always comfortable in knowing who he was & never felt like he had to be like anyone else. He had wisdom, courage & hope that never disappeared even when osteosarcoma relentlessly progressed over & over again. The photo above is our most favorite, not because one could not tell he was sitting in his electric scooter, that he had an above the right knee amputation, or that his operated on right lung only had 60% capacity & an inoperable tumor growing inside it again & further disease progression throughout his body; but that throughout all of his journey with cancer, Mason kept a smile on his face & hope in his heart for a cure. “I’ll try whatever it takes until it works.” -Mason

He is forever remembered by his family & friends. By our local Danville community, his San Ramon Valley Wolves(his HS) & by the Well Dressed Wolfpack that number in the thousands who prayed and lifted our family up in so many countless ways. He is the M in our MAGIC.
Mason(19) 2-20-1999/11-7-2018  Alana(8)  Garrett(10)  Isabelle(6)  Connor(12)
#masonwilsonstrong  #wegotyourpack  #magicforever

OsteoAngel Chris

In June of 2016 Chris went to the doctor for leg pain. An x-ray showed a tumor in his right femur. A week later, the biopsy confirmed the tumor was osteosarcoma. Chris went through several rounds of chemotherapy followed by a surgery to save his leg in October. He woke up from surgery with nerve damage to every limb and was unable to use his arms or legs. He was admitted to rehab where he spent the next 5 months learning to walk and use his arms and hands again. By April the following year it was found that Chris’s cancer had spread to his lungs and he had 12 mets removed in a double thoracotomy. Despite 5 different chemotherapies, another double thoracotomy, a personalized cancer vaccine and immunotherapy the cancer has continued to grow and spread throughout his body. Chris passed from this life on September 25, 2018. Chris wanted all money raised in his name to go towards research so that kinder more effective treatments can be found for kids in the future. #BecauseOfChris

OsteoAngel Briana

Briana Loeding passed from this life on August 17, 2018. This effervescent, giggly, sweet third grader mightily fought osteosarcoma for ten months with courage, grace and fortitude well beyond her 8 years. Her family, friends and whole school were all about bees in her honor, encouraging her with #BeeBrave and #BrianaBrave campaigns of hope and love. This osteosarcoma research fund has been set up in her honor and memory, which will directly fund desperately needed specific osteosarcoma research in her name, Briana Loeding. Please say her name and help us find a cure #BecauseOfBriana.

OsteoWarrior Andrew

Andrew was an active 12 year old boy when he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in November 2017. The cancer diagnosis completely stunned, then devastated us. Our only choice in that moment was to do everything in our power to save his life. But we quickly realized that every choice we had to make carried risks and consequences and the burden of each choice was overwhelming.

Treatment choices were few and grueling: chemotherapy and limb salvaging surgery. Our struggle as parents was how to prevent cancer from defining Andrew. If we chose for it to define him, the cancer would have control. Instead, if we chose for it to REFINE him, Andrew would become a better version of himself and ultimately we would all grow into better versions of ourselves. Our Andrew is so much bigger than cancer. So much braver. So much stronger. With the help of our faith, family, friends and community, we have chosen to have it refine us. This cancer will never define who Andrew is.  One way we can make us better versions of ourselves is to help Make it Better for all those affected by this horrible cancer and encourage others to do the same. It takes too much away from these children but it can’t take away the hope and fight to beat it. After 8 months of treatment we are grateful that Andrew is NED however we are forever aware of the potential this disease has on his future. We are committed to raising much needed money for research to study and improve treatments and outcomes. Every child deserves a future in which cancer, reoccurrence or death is NOT apart of it.

OsteoAngel Allen

The Allen DeDon Osteosarcoma Research Fund is in honor and memory of Allen. MIB Agents everywhere worked on and contributed to MIB MISSION: ALLEN. His mission was to travel to the mountains of North Carolina to go White Water Rafting with his family. As is the Agent way, Agents everywhere delivered an experience that exceeded his expectations. Allen DeDon passed from this life on July 18, 2018, shortly after his MISSION was accomplished.
From Allen’s Family:

Allen was amazing, he was a fighter and had a spirit for adventure, no tree was ever too high for Allen to climb and he loved playing sports. Allen fought osteosarcoma for 2 years and never once stopped smiling or joking and his favorite person to pick on was his mom, who he regularly made jokes about. He enjoyed building things with his dad and no one could ever tell what the final result would be until it’s finished. Allen had a light so bright everyone saw it when they met him and he was determined to make a difference in the world around him and in the lives of other children who are fighting the same fight he fought. One day no child will ever suffer because of Allen.

OsteoWarrior Sloane

The Sloane Dyer Osteosarcoma Fight Fund is in honor of this strong, amazing person who, in December 2016, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her right femur, after years of being incorrectly treated for leg pain. She was 12 years old. We were devastated.

Through her many months of treatment and surgeries we grew to understand just how brutal osteosarcoma is. It is a cancer that is uniquely agile, able to change and grow despite the harrowing treatments. Families live in fear of it’s spread and possible return throughout the child’s lifetime.
M.I.B. Agents’ innovative goals of inspiring collaboration between doctors and researchers, funding much-needed projects, and bringing together families for education and support in the fight against osteosarcoma is an incredible endeavor. We are so grateful to be able to be part of this amazing organization. THANK YOU for supporting this important work with us!”

OsteoAngel Cameron

The Cameron Bottelberghe Osteosarcoma Research Fund was started after Cameron passed away from osteosarcoma of her right humerus in November 2017.
The intention of this fund is to raise MUCH needed funds for osteosarcoma research, to help one day give osteosarcoma patients NEW drugs. Cameron, like every child diagnosed with osteosarcoma, receive treatments that are over 40 years old. We need to do better for kids and young adults like Cameron, and give them a fighting chance at survival through updated treatments. We can only do this through meaningful and impactful research.

Our hope and prayer is that we can increase survival for our children so they have a fighting chance. Our future IS our children.

OsteoAngel Conner

This adorable kid is Conner. He had osteosarcoma. He and his family want to Make It Better for other kids who have – and are yet to be diagnosed with – osteosarcoma. The Crossan Family have been active MIB Agents; having arranged a golf tournament, being the Appreciation Agents at FACTOR, working with our annual Macy’s Shop For A Cause, running in the Miami Marathon with MIB Team OutRunning Osteosarcoma and volunteering at FACTOR.

Every dollar raised for Conner Crossan’s MIB Agents Osteosarcoma Research Fund goes as a whole dollar to fund OS research. Every donor receives a receipt for their taxes, and every cent gets us closer to better treatments and a cure for osteosarcoma kids.

If you would like to help #MakeItBetter #BecauseOfConner, please do. We can beat this disease – #TogetherWeCan

OsteoAngel Cheyenne

Cheyenne DeVelasco passed from this life on Sunday August 20th, 2017. She will surely rest peacefully knowing she was loved deeply, she loved greatly and gave of herself wholeheartedly until the very end of her life. She lived the life of a true superhero – having faced great adversity, she used her considerable powers for good, for all.
Weeks before Chey passed away, when breathing was difficult, and she had every right to not engage with others, instead, she courageously shared her story with MIB Agents and their video production team. Her story, strength, faith and love will be shared with the world. More than a Warrior, Chey showed us all how to battle adversity with courage, hope and faith.
Chey was an important part of MIB Agents from the start. She was a sustaining donor, sending a donation every month to help other kids and young adults suffering from her same disease, osteosarcoma. Her heartfelt desire was to Make It Better so that no other child should have to suffer as she did.

OsteoWarrior Victoria

Victoria was 13 years old, a competitive swimmer and in 7th grade when she complained of ankle pain early in December 2014. Our family was not prepared to hear the words “your daughter has cancer” just a few days later. We quickly learned that Victoria was one of only a few kids known to have both Down syndrome and Osteosarcoma. To complicate things even more, Victoria’s cancer had metastasized to her lungs.
Osteosarcoma is just plain ugly. The reality is we will fight this disease forever. We just don’t know how long forever will be for our kids. Selfishly we all want forever to be, well forever….years and years from now. But without research specifically designed to target osteosarcoma, the reality, unfortunately for too many families, is that this “forever” isn’t far enough in the future.
Victoria created a poster during her first chemotherapy admission. This poster immediately became “her statement” – Let’s Kill the Cancer!

OsteoAngel Clayton

​Clayton was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in December 2013. He suffered greatly from this disease and passed away in August 2016 after exhausting all treatment options. His heartfelt wish was that no one else should suffer as he had. Clayton asked that donations be made to the most promising osteosarcoma research happening now, a beautiful testament to how kind and thoughtful he was. As the Greek Proverb says, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Clayton didn’t get the chance to grow old, but he wanted us to help ensure that other kids with this disease do get the chance to survive this aggressive pediatric cancer. Thank you for honoring Clayton’s memory and charitable spirit.

OsteoAngel Ian

Ian has been battling osteosarcoma (bone cancer) since April of 2015. It started with a bump on his shin that when removed was discovered to be malignant. After amputating his leg in June of 2015 and 8 grueling months of chemotherapy he was declared NED (no evidence of disease). But sadly 6 months later doctors found a new tumor at the base of his spine in his sacrum. He is back in chemotherapy and working through pain issues as the tumor is pressed up to his sciatic nerve which has caused a great deal of pain and loss of function of his remaining leg.  ​When asked where he would like TEAM IAN fundraising efforts to be focused. Ian wanted fundraising to go toward further research so that we can OBLITERATE osteosarcoma. In addition to working toward a cure for all, Ian’s current treatment plan is fluid and we are hoping with greater collaboration and articulation between scientists, researchers, pharma researchers and oncologists that Ian may directly benefit from these great minds looking at particularly rare and difficult cases like Ian’s to find the treatment that will be effective to OBLITERATE osteosarcoma from Ian.

OsteoAngel Nicholas

My son, Nicholas was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in December of 2014, at age 15. He started chemotherapy on New Years Eve of 2014. Over the next 6 months, Nick spent 18 weeks admitted into the hospital where he underwent 11 rounds of chemotherapy, a week of neutropenia (chemo induced fevers), a bout with c-diff and an above the knee amputation surgery. We had hoped and prayed that the amputation would remove any chance of the cancer spreading. Imagine having to explain to your 15 year old child that he is going to lose his leg, but trying to stay positive that he will go on to have a “normal” life. It was heart-breaking, but not as much as when we found out in June that none of the typical protocol chemotherapy treatments had worked and that the cancer had spread to Nick’s lymph nodes and his lungs. But unfortunately Nick’s cancer was too aggressive to be able to stop and on August 17th of 2015, we lost our beautiful boy, after a short 8 month battle with this beast.

OsteoAngel Christien

Christien Mikhail Quiles was an incredible young man who was filled with love and a passion for life and people. Simply put he was an absolute joy to be around, motivating everyone he came in contact with.
Christien was a key factor to the establishment of the Teen Room at Scott and White McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple, Texas. He was the co-President of the McLane Children’s Hospital Teen Advisory Board advocating for the needs of children who are patients of McLane Children’s Hospital. He was quite the philanthropist… individually raising thousands of dollars to purchase medical equipment for sick children through EXTRALIFE. On 27 April 2016 Christien was honored as one of Central Texas’s Incredible Kids. He was recognized for his generosity, resilience and inspiring commitment and contributions to other patients and the Teen Advisory Board of McLane Children’s Hospital. He was grateful for the honor and privilege to be recognized, but he remained humble. Whenever he was other patients heard Christien was in the hospital they would run towards him and want to spend time with him. Irregardless of what was going on with him Christien would smile and always give his attention to them. As his mom I would grin and say… I have an Incredible Kid! I want to honor Christien’s legacy by continuing the fight to help others through raising funds for the research and treatment of Ostesarcoma! There needs to be a change because the current treatment is NOT ENOUGH!

OsteoAngel Matthew

My name is Matthew Lehrman. I was diagnosed in June, 2015 with osteosarcoma, a devastating form of bone cancer. With the love and support of my family and friends, I fight daily to overcome this horrible illness.

Osteosarcoma has been referred to as the “orphan cancer” because it is so rare, and therefore often overlooked by the medical field. Your generosity will facilitate the desperately needed funding for research that will ultimately result in a cure for osteosarcoma. Thank you so much for contributing to this monumental goal.

NOTE: Matthew fought this disease with courage and cheer. He raised money for research and we will fund research with 100% of the donations from his friends and family. He passed from this life on May 3rd, 2017.

OsteoAngel Mohan

Throughout Mohan Anand’s life of service and his commitment and care of this osteosarcoma community, he demonstrated vision, fortitude and an unwavering loyalty to Making It Better. He made sure this conference happened knowing that what good may come of it would likely not benefit him directly. He is, and always will be an MIB Agent of the Highest Order.
Mohan’s legacy in service to those suffering with osteosarcoma will continue with the Mohan Anand Osteosarcoma Fund. Donations made to this fund will go directly to fund direct patient support and osteosarcoma research.

OsteoWarrior Jack

Jack was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his left tibia in April of 2017. When the diagnosis of osteosarcoma was finally made it forever changed the life of our family. Jack began with 3 months of chemo followed by Limb Salvage Surgery and then more chemo. He finished the last round of brutal chemo right before Christmas of 2017 all while still having a smile on his face.

During the past 9 months of Jack’s treatment while learning more than we ever wanted to know about this beast called osteosarcoma, we were shocked to find out how underfunded research is for children’s cancers in this country. Even more astonishing is how very little has been done in research with osteosarcoma. To know that the protocol that these kids go through is pretty much the same as it was over 30 years ago is just astonishing. We MUST make it better for these kids and give them a fighting chance to beat this devastating disease. MIBAgents is the place where we think our fundraising efforts will have the biggest impact. 100% of your donation goes to actual research of finding a cure to osteosarcoma!

OsteoAngel Michael

Michael Heras passed from this life on May 25, 2018.  He will always be remembered with love and admiration for his incredible courage and fortitude in battling osteosarcoma.  He knew that this fight for his life required more from him than should be asked of any person.  He faced more than 30 rounds of chemotherapy, limb salvage surgery, lung surgeries, clinical trials and amputation.  His desire to help other young adults and children with this disease will be carried on in his name.  Our desire is to carry out his hope to improve outcomes for osteosarcoma. We sincerely hope you will help us in honoring Michael’s wish.

How To Set Up A Family Fund:

To set-up a fund, email with the following details:

  • Photo of your OsteoWarrior or OsteoAngel
  • A write-up of their story, see above for examples.
  • A title for your fund page
  • A short thank you message to donors
  • How you’d like the fund to be used: Missions and Programs, Osteosarcoma Research OR keep it simple and have it go where it is needed.

Once received, we will set up the fund and email you
the link for review before adding to our website.

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