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Sydney is 15 years old and has been fighting Osteosarcoma for nearly 2 years. Her tumor is in her sacrum and has spread to her lungs. She has been through numerous chemotherapy treatments, had several surgeries and been through 2 separate courses of radiation. She is thankfully very stubborn and is continuing to fight this extraordinarily aggressive disease. Right now she is stable (main tumor isn’t growing and one small nodule in her left lung). Sydney loves to read, draw, cook, bake, do archery, and is very happy to be getting back in the pool!

MIB is so important in funding research for this rare cancer. They also provide great programs for the warriors and their families and hold an amazing yearly conference that gathers medical experts, researchers and families together. It truly is invaluable. We appreciate anything you can give to help these amazing warriors win their fight against Osteosarcoma.

MIB Agents is a leading pediatric osteosarcoma nonprofit dedicated to Making It Better for our community of patients, caregivers, doctors, and researchers with the goal of less toxic, more effective treatments and a cure for this aggressive bone cancer.


Supporting Doctors, Researchers, and the Medical Community

Supporting Kids with Osteosarcoma

We are committed to Making it Better for adolescents and young adults with bone cancer (osteosarcoma). Your donation has a profound and direct effect on our missions.  

A receipt will be provided for your taxes. If you prefer to mail a check:

Payable To:
MIB Agents (please include Sydney in the memo line)
P.O. Box 858, Barnard, VT 05031

Thank you for using your powers for good to Make It Better for kids with osteosarcoma. 

FED ID #81-110990

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