Prayer Agents are essential to the Missions of MIB Agents. This elite team of Agents are called upon both in time of great need as well as regular monthly times of prayer across the country and the world. Whatever your practice, you are welcome to join this team in prayer, a moment of silence, a candle lit, time in nature, a place of worship on a boat, train or bus. Please join us in supporting our Osteosarcoma Warriors who are doing battle and remembering our Osteosarcoma Angels who have passed fighting this beastly disease.

To join this elite team of Prayer Agents or have an intention you wish for us to pray for fill out the apppropriate form below OR contact Lead Prayer Agent, Mary at



Mary Bisaga, Lead Prayer Agent

My name is Mary Bisaga and I am the mother of OsteoWarrior Andrew. Andrew was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2017 at the age of 12 and is currently NED. This diagnosis has had a profound emotional and spiritual impact on Andrew, myself, and our entire family. Throughout his journey, prayer has helped ease the burden of fear and doubt and provided a deeper level of comfort and confidence as we have been forced to cope with the challenges of this diagnosis.

Prayer Agents holds a special place in my heart. When Andrew was going through treatment I was deeply comforted knowing there was a community, like MIB Agents, praying for him who understood more intimately what it was like to fight this disease. I am excited to be a part of MIB and Prayer Agents. I hope to help facilitate this same spiritual support for all those who are affected by Osteosarcoma. I firmly believe that with prayer we can find the grace and strength to overcome this terrible beast.

“For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

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