A cancer diagnosis is an isolating experience for both the patient and their family.  Suddenly, you no longer share the same everyday occurrences as your friends, peers, co-workers and extended family. School aged patients spend so much time in the hospital and possibly traveling for treatment that their daily activities are vastly different from their friends.  Parents are no longer worried about packing lunches, scheduling extra-curricular activities or which neighbor has the best looking grass. Suddenly you are trying to navigate your way through unknown territory without Google Maps and you feel isolated, like you are living in a cave, alone.

If you would like to be paired with an Ambassador Agent, please complete the form below and we will contact you.

If you are a seasoned osteosarcoma family and would like to be trained to give others the hope and support you had or wish you had – please contact Liz ( and Casey (

The MIB Ambassador Agents program was created to be a face-to-face connection for patients and caregivers to the osteosarcoma world.  We are a group of experienced osteosarcoma families and patients that are dedicated to supporting patients, parents, caregivers, siblings, extended family and friends of people with osteosarcoma. The goal of this group is to leverage our experiences with this terrible disease to help Make It Better for patients and their families dealing with an osteosarcoma diagnosis. As Ambassadors, we are here to listen and provide hope and understanding. We will be the safe ears and shoulders to help support anyone walking through this diagnosis. We know the disease and we have walked similar paths; however, we are not emotionally involved in the same way your family and friends are that sometimes makes it difficult to bear your heart to them as they are struggling too. We would like to make a hospital visit so that we can meet and bring you one of our totally awesome Warrior Swag Bags and our Caregiver Go Bags. Each tote is filled with all of the essential must-haves while staying in the hospital and of course MIB swag. Each of these bags has been created and filled by fellow OsteoFamilies because we have been where you are. We can also connect by phone, email and direct messaging. 
Please email us to schedule a visit:

MIB Agents Program Chief: Liz Vallejo

Ambassador Agent Coordinator: Casey Crossan

Ambassador Peer Training Leader: Maureen Smart, LCSW


Prayer Agents are essential to the Missions of MIB Agents. This elite team of Agents are called upon both in time of great need as well as regular monthly times of prayer across the country and the world. Whatever your practice, you are welcome to join this team in prayer, a moment of silence, a candle lit, time in nature, a place of worship on a boat, train or bus. Please join us in supporting our Osteosarcoma Warriors who are doing battle and remembering our Osteosarcoma Angels who have passed fighting this beastly disease.

To join this elite team of Prayer Agents or have an intention you wish for us to pray for fill out the form OR you are welcome to contact Lead prayer Agent, Wendi at

Lead Prayer Agent: Wendi Johns

Request a Prayer

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MIB Agent GAMERS is an ongoing mission by Lead Chief Gamer Agent Matthew Allen. Qualifications to be considered as a Gamer Agent are that you have to be an OsteoWarrior or OsteoSibling and a Gamer. If you or your sibling are in active treatment and need a partner to game with, fill out the form and you will be contacted shortly.

This site is ONLY for use by Osteosarcoma Warriors and their siblings. Games are closed to MIB approved gamers only. Outside participants are NOT allowed. Once you have accepted the terms and your information has been processed you will receive a private message via your gaming system by a MIB Gamer Agent with information to access the gamer tags according to age, likes and gaming system.
CODE OF CONDUCT – You will be banned if Code of Conduct is not honored.
• Multi-player Games are CLOSED and not open to the public. No Content will be allowed that could harm or harass a person, including but not limited to:
• Profane words or phrases
• Negative speech (including hate speech or threats of harm) directed at people who belong to a group, including race, ethnicity, nationality, language, gender, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation/expression
• Threaten to physically hurt others
• Scream at, intimidate, or bully others
You may not share a gamer’s personal information with anyone other than fellow MiB Agent Gamers, including but not limited to:
• Name and or gamer tag
• Address, phone number or email address
• Diagnosis or health status
By submitting the above form you hereby agree to Code of Conduct. The Gamer Agent Team will connect with you shortly. If under age 18, your parent will be contacted as well for permission to be an MIB Agent Gamer. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or MIB Agents can be of assistance, please contact us at

Lead Gamer Agent: Matthew
My name is Matthew and I am the Chief Gamer Agent for MIB Agent Gamers. My brother Mason passed from osteosarcoma in March of 2017, and I will always remember how much he enjoyed gaming, and how it was always a bonding experience for us. Gaming always lifted his spirits, and I think that every kid, no matter their situation or struggle, has a right to have fun. For me, gaming has always been a large part of my life, and as Chief Gamer Agent, I have made it my mission to bring the joy I feel when playing to everyone or anyone who needs it.

Lead Gamer Agent: Bentley
Hi my name is Bentley Dyer and I am one of the Chief Agent Gamers. My sister Sloane was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in December of 2016 and is currently N.E.D.. Gaming was one of the two ways that I was able to escape reality during her treatment. Later, I met Timothy Songster and started to game with him. Gaming lifts the spirits of many children that I have encountered and it is my honor to help facilitate the connecting of those who would otherwise not meet.

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