Agent Writers write letters of hope and encouragement to OsteoWarriors monthly. Each Agent Writer receives a PDF of info on each child (name, age, stage of treatment, city/state, interests/hobbies/likes and a photo). With the information provided they compose their letters and send them to MIB Agents HQ to be mailed to OsteoWarriors.

A monthly group of Agent Writers gather in Bethel, Vermont to write letters.

If you’d like to join the Agent Writers and make OsteoWarriors
smile please fill out the form below.

Write to OsteoWarriors

All completed letters must be in unsealed* envelopes
and mailed to:

MIB Agents HQ
P.O. Box 329
Barnard, Vermont 05031

Once received, MIB Agents will forward to OsteoWarriors on your behalf. *All letters are subject to inspection for content.

If your OsteoWarrior would like to receive mail from Agent Writers, please fill out the form below.

Get Mail From Agent Writers

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