“A Heart that reaches out with Love; Can Heal a Soul, and Change a Life.” - Kiran Shaikh

When the unfathomable happens, you need a safe place to land knowing you are surrounded by love and understanding. Healing Hearts is a program offered by MIB, and created by grieving parents who themselves needed a haven of love and comfort along with the the hope of healing. While we acknowledge that our hearts will never heal after the loss of a child, we want our scars to remind us that we can experience joy alongside sadness and together we can support each other in creating a life worth living for and with our children. 

We also offer a list of resources that our Healing Heart parents want to share with others, this list will be coming soon.

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Online Resources

Soul Proof

Dr. Mark Pitstick

We Don’t Die

We Don’t Die Radio Show


*Also has Podcast
Sandra Champlain

Free app for meditation, sleep, anxiety, and stress
To further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education while providing support and healing for people in grief.


Is There Life After Death?
The World’s Top Scientific
and Spiritual Experts
Share Their Insights

Books (by author in no particular order)

Susanne Wilson,
The Carefree Medium 

  • Messages From the Masters 
  • Only Love Is Real 
  • Same Soul, Many Bodies 
  • Through Time Into Healing 
  • Many Lives, Many Masters 

Dr. Brian Weiss 

  • Messages From the Masters 
  • Only Love Is Real 
  • Same Soul, Many Bodies 
  • Through Time Into Healing 
  • Many Lives, Many Masters 

Suzanne Giesemann  

  • Messages of Hope
  • Wolf’s Message 
  • The Priest and the Medium 
  • Love Beyond Words 

Dr. Mark Pitstick  

  • Soul Proof
  • Radiant Wellness 
  • The Eleven Questions


Tom Zuba

  • Permission to Mourn
  • Becoming Radiant

John Holland 

  • Bridging Two Realms
  • The Spirit Messages
  • Power of the Soul

Rabbi Harold Kushner

  • Living a Life That Matters
  • When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Dr. Eben Alexander 

  • Proof of Heaven

George Anderson 

  • Walking in the Garden of Soul 
  • We Don’t Die 
  • Our Children Forever 
  • We Are Not Forgotten

Mark Ireland 

  • Soul Shift
  • Messages from the Afterlife

Bob Olson 

  • Answers About the Afterlife

Mark Anthony 

  • Evidence of Eternity

Michael Newton 

  • Journey of Souls 
  • Destiny of Souls

Dr. Raymond Moody 

  • Life After Life 
  • Light Beyond 
  • Glimpses of Eternity 
  • Life After Loss 

Mary C. Neal, M.D. 

  • To Heaven and Back 

Joel Martin and
Patricia Romanowski

  • Love Beyond Life

James Van Praagh 

  • Talking to Heaven 
  • Adventures of the Soul

Robert Schwartz 

  •  Your Soul’s Gift 
  • Your Soul’s Plan 

Bill and Judy Guggenheim

  • Hello From Heaven

Janet Nohavec and Suzanne Giesemann 

  • Where Two Worlds Meet

Jake Samoyedny 

  • The Compassionate Medium 
  • A Pathway to Eternity 

Paula Stephens 

  • From Grief to Growth

Ernie Jackson 

  • Quinton’s Legacy

Terri Daniel 

  • Turning the Corner on Grief Street 

Lucy Hone

  • What Abi Taught Us


Laura Lynne Jackson

  • Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe

Pam Grout

  • The Course in Miracles Experiment 
  • E2
  • E3

*This list of resources has been compiled by bereaved osteosarcoma parents who want to share with others information that helped bring them comfort and healing and provide new insight and viewpoints about grief and the afterlife. These suggestions are not meant to replace professional grief counseling or therapy and are provided by osteosarcoma parents and not MIB Agents, Inc.

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