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MIB Agents Family Funds™

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A MIB Agents Family Fund is:

Your Family Can Make It Better, #BecauseOf
Questions? We have answers

Why should I set-set-up a Family Fund with MIB Agents?

With a MIB Agents Family Fund, your family can provide patient support programs, educational resources to help navigate treatment and trials, and fund research to Make It Better for our shared osteosarcoma community in honor of your child. The best part? You get a say in the research we fund each year with OutSmarting Osteosarcoma grants. With our unique and inclusive approach, we make research funding empowering. We were the first osteosarcoma non-profit to give families a vote in the research they fund. We think the way to Better is together.

Does it cost anything to set-up a Fund?

There is no fee to establish or maintain a Family Fund, and it's easy to set up. We take the hassle out of starting your own 501(c)(3).  You don’t have to worry about tax filings, audits, sending receipts, and all the other hassles of your own non-profit. When you are ready, email Ann Graham, our Executive Director at ann@mibagents.org.

How do I get started?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with where to start? We make it easy for you to Make It Better in honor of your child. When you are ready to set up a Family Fund:

1 - Email Ann, ann@mibagents.org

2 - You will complete a Family Fund form that includes: sharing your child's story and pictures. You can say whatever you are comfortable telling our community about your osteosarcoma story. You choose the pictures you want to share - before cancer, during cancer, after cancer - it is up to you. Your Fund page is unique and personal to your family. We recommend you visit our Family Fund webpage and see how other families have honored their child; this will give you ideas and a starting point. You can always make changes to your Fund's page.

3 - You can start a Family Fund at any time. Many people find it meaningful and inspiring to set up a fund and share it with their community at diagnosis. Others wait until they are undergoing treatment, some at relapse, and others after treatment is over.

What is expected of my family?

It’s your family and your community, so you pick your level of involvement. Family Funds are about working together to Make It Better. We encourage you to participate in our quarterly Family Fund meetings and be a part of the family. Keep scrolling and the next question tells you how we support you so you are successful at the level of involvement you pick. 

How does MIB Agents support us?

We have your back! You really are family to us. 
•We have an on-boarding process for all of our new Family Funds, so you can meet other families. 
•We engage through quarterly Family Fund meetings and networking events like Mingles. Your Family Fund will have your own webpage so you can share your story and raise money with customized donation forms including stock and donor advised fund options. 
•We provide you with pre-packaged national and regional fundraising events including promotional materials and digital marketing. Want to host your own unique event, but need help planning and executing? We can do that too. 
•We send all of your donors handwritten thank you notes 
•We send you regular reporting for your Fund
•We feature your Family Fund on social media

How does MIB Agents help me honor my child?

We are all here because of our loved one. We can Make It Better #BecauseOfThem. We will recognize your Fund on social media, at our FACTOR conference, and other MIB events throughout the year. Your Fund will have a page on our website. We can share your story. You can participate in moving osteosarcoma research forward through our OutSmarting Osteosarcoma grants in honor of your child.

"When you are told your child has cancer you instantly feel a loss of control and you never fully regain it. You constantly search for ways to take back control so that cancer does not win. When we found out about MIB Agents and the Family Funds it was the first time since we got the news that Andrew had cancer where we, as a family, felt hopeful. We were given an opportunity to take back control. Not just through raising money or choosing where that money would go but also feeling empowered to fight back against this monster. Through helping fund research, we could have a direct impact on finding a cure for Osteosarcoma and forever change the lives of these children, for the BETTER."
-Mary, OsteoParent
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To establish a Family Fund with MIB Agents in honor of your child, contact