MIB Agent Missions

When an OsteoWarrior transitions to hospice care, MIB Agents provides an experience or an item of comfort and entertainment.


  1. Diagnosed with osteosarcoma
  2. Child has exhausted all curative treatment options
  3. Be 22 years old or younger
  4. Mission wishes will be determined by Mission Commander speaking directly with the child

To inquire about a Mission, please contact isabel@mibagents.org or complete the form below.

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Family Mission Testimonial

"Thank you for all your help and comfort during this time. I wish I had known earlier about the MIB organization.
He is still gushing about it and recapping his conversation to us. It's good to hear him talking so much. Thank you will never be enough. But it's the best I can do."

Balian's Mom

"Thank you for giving my family the oppurtunity to spend time together in Woodstock. We talk about that week often and the fun memories made there. The three of us though cherish every moment that trip provided. Truly magical!"

Kaycee's Mom

"I was talking about MIB with someone today, and how much that afternoon meant for all of us. I think it was the happiest afternoon we all had together after Leon came home from the hospital for the last time. For me, it truly is the definition of a "precious memory."

Leon's Dad

Mission Request Form

Please Note: MIB Agents may contact the child’s treatment facility for clearance if Mission Request involved travel or activity. Submission of Mission Request Form is not a guarantee of mission acceptance.  You will be contacted within 48 hours by MIB Agents Mission Commander for more information. By submitting this form you agree to the release of submitted photo and all photos taken during the mission to be used at MIB Agents discretion on social media and on website and all printed materials. No photo will be used unless the mission is accepted. MIB Agents also has permission to contact media outlets in your local area and in the area the mission will take place.

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