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Gamer Agents

What We Do

Online gaming is a lifeline for many patients who feel isolated during treatment. Lead Gamer Agents are trained to game with warriors in active treatment, survivors, and siblings.  We have gamers on all platforms.  Gaming is more than just having fun; it provides a safe atmosphere for a child to be themselves, while interacting with their peers.

The following are all invited to game with us:

  1. Survivors of OS
  2. Siblings/Family Members of Survivors
  3. In treatment for OS
  4. Siblings/Family Members of OsteoAngels 

This, and every MIB Agents program, is free of charge, thanks to generous donors who Make it Better.

The List


Alea Ramsey
Alec Hillegass
Alec Ingram
Alex Aldomà
Alex Bertran
Alex Meeker
Alex Solis
Alexandra Zorzoli
Alexis Briski
Aliyah Dees
Alizah Rosales
Allen DeDon
Allie Herman
Allyson Tamayose
Alyssa Divers
Amadeo Castillo
Andrew Woodruff
Andria Ellen Sauers
Angel Jauregui
Angel Wilson
Angie Sayers
Anna Kitada
Anna Snopek
Annaleigh Grilo
Arnav Krishna
Asher King
Ashleigh Hunt
Asia Nicole Smith
Austin Cohen
Austin Degnan
Austin Guidry
Ava Gasper
Avery Juarez
Baby Faith Mwangi
Balian Tsosie
Becky Boucher
Bela Dajka
Ben Stowell
Benjamin Atkins
Benjamin Hawkes
Bernardo Eggesbo Coll
Brandon Brotoatmodjo
Brandon DuPont
Brandon Gordon
Brandon Grier
Brandon Hendrick
Brandon Hicks
Braylie Kellogg
Brendan Jaramillo
Brennan Houghton
Brennan Riley
Brent Ramer
Brenton Gaudreault
Brian George
Briana Loeding
Brianna Gainley
Brianna Sanchez
Briar Rose Dauphin
Brock Gumm
Brooke Foster
Brooke Peterson Gabster
Brooklynn ReeAnn Miller
Brooks Paul
Cailin Capri Cannella
Cali Sky Weishaupl
Cameron Bottelberghe
Cameron Smith
Cara Marie Coleman
Carisma Cortedano
Carlo Minasi
Carlos Francisco Zambrano
Carmen Orellana
Caroline Richards
Carson Hartwig
Carson Michael Lewis
Carson Sumpter
Carter Mock
Catherine Kelly
Cecilia Nguyen
Cem Yelmen
Chance Peters
Chance Rodgers
Charlie Clamp
Charlotte Murdoff
Chase Bailey
Chase Lucas
Chelsea Ebert
Cheyenne DeVelasco
Chris Hailey
Chris Taylor
Christie Hanovnikian
Christien Mikhail Quiles
Christopher Archer
Claire Moody
Clayton Laupus
Colleen Moore
Collin Rives
Colton Kuepfer
Conner Crossan
Connor Boyle


Eliza Melendez
Ellie LeRoux
Emilio Moore
Emily Kempen
Emily Oberst
Emily Seigel
Emmanuel Terrell
Estella Madrigal
Ethan Fairbanks
Evan Eurs
Evan Hampel
Faten Zainal
Felicia Amoia
Frankie Gallegos
Freddy Baeza Alvarado
Gabby Galarneau
Gabi Shull
Gabrielle Roberts
Gakobe Milton
Garrett Eberhard
Gavin Banks
Grace Kight
Hannah Smith
Harrison Paley
Harrison Riggle
Hasan Alkheej
Hilma C. Barrera
Hope Nightingale
Hunter Searle
Inaaya Shariq
Isaac Cheung
Isabella Rose Moina
Isaiah Bailey
Jacey Bagwell
Jack Benson
Jack Carey
Jack Pessaud
Jacob Bredenhof
Jacob Knudsen
Jade Kelly
Jaden Wang
Jake Kingan
Jake Weaver
James Braden Charles
James McCoy
Jasmine Mathis
Jayden Zurlinden
Jeremiah Elliot
Jeremiah “Alex” Medrano
Jeremy Gonzalez
Jewel Hofman
Jill MacDonald
Jimmy Clark
Joel McConkey
Jon Stuber
Jordan Hooper
Jordan Sloan
Jordyn Olsen
Jose Antonio Feliciano Cintron
Joseph Taylor, Jr
Josh Harvey
Joshua Barbanell
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Kludt
Joshua Segal
Julia Powers
Justin Berry
Justin Ornoz-Williams
Justine Janvier
Kaden La Salle
Kaden Mckenna
Kadi Klein
Kameron Maddux
Karen Marconi Davis
Katarzyna Terlecka
Katelyn Tilman
Kaydee Leong
Keely Hess
Kellie Hopkins
Kelly Andresen
Kelly Hess Arens
Kelly Sullivan
Ke’yair Christie
Khairatu Kurnia
Kimberly Martinez
Krystal Perez
Krysty Bujakowska
Kyle Edgar
Kyle Klerk
Kyleen Ortega
Kylie Thiesen
Kyra Roach
Lana Smith
Lance Reynolds
Lauren Chelenza
Lauren Ramer
Levi Grant
Liam Beachy
Liam Sikma
Lillie Brown


Gamer Agents

Daniel Saptari
Langhorne, PA
Sean Brosnan
Glen Ellyn, IL
A cancer diagnosis is an isolating experience for both the patient and their family. Suddenly, you no longer share the same everyday occurrences as your friends, peers, co-workers and extended family. You are trying to navigate your way through unknown territory without a definitive map, and you feel isolated.
We are here to Make it Better.


Gamer Agents

MIB Gamer Agent Team Members

Sean, Jack, Bentley and Matt are ready to game with OsteoWarriors everywhere!
Sean Brosnan
FACTOR: HQ Gamer Agents

Hello, I’m Sean Brosnan and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of MIB Gamer Agents.   In 2010, my aunt was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and with a lot of faith and support she won her battle.  I’m inspired to help offer relief through gaming for those who are in a similar fight.  My job is to supervise our agents and to listen. I’m here whenever anyone needs to talk or voice an idea and I am eager to meet everyone.


Hi my name is Bentley Dyer and I am the Chief Gamer Agent here at MIB Agents. My sister Sloane was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in December of 2016 and is currently N.E.D.. Gaming was one of the two ways that I was able to escape reality during her treatment.  Later, I met other MIB Agents and started to game with them. Gaming lifts the spirits of many children and young people that I have encountered and it is my honor to help facilitate the connecting of those who would otherwise not meet.


My name is Matthew and I am a Lead Gamer Agent for MIB Agent Gamers. My brother Mason passed from osteosarcoma in March of 2017, and I will always remember how much he enjoyed gaming, and how it was always a bonding experience for us. Gaming always lifted his spirits, and I think that every kid, no matter their situation or struggle, has a right to have fun. For me, gaming has always been a large part of my life, and as a Lead Gamer Agent, I have made it my mission to bring the joy I feel when playing to everyone or anyone who needs it.

Daniel Saptari

Hello, I'm Daniel Saptari and I am happy to be one of the Lead Gamer Agents for MIB. In July of 2020, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in my left femur. Gaming was an escape for me during treatment, surgeries, and COVID lockdown, and I was able to connect with my friends when I would otherwise not be able to. I am very grateful to have an opportunity to support others in a similar situation as I was, and I hope I can make the greatest impact possible.

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Isabel Wolf

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