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Prayer Agents

What We Do

Prayer Agents are available for urgent or ongoing prayer requests. Whatever your spiritual practice, you are welcome to join us in support of our OsteoWarriors, OsteoFamilies, and OsteoAngels.

The List


Garland Chase Bailey
Garrett Harper
Gavin McClain
George Bertioli
Gina Lynne Schell
Gordon Shields
Grant McGarry
Greg Von Rueden
Hallie Anne Brown
Hayden Perry
Heath Sammon
Heidi Tolo Merkel
Hunter Spurgeon
Ian Greene
Ian Vallejo
Isaac Smith
JR Burnette
Jackson Roark
Jacob Maloy
Jake Cavanaugh
James Hayden
James McCullum
James Ragan
James Schwerin
Jana Wang
Janina Vargas
Jared Hollingsworth
Jaydan Thompson
Jayden Isaiah Ojeda
Jaylen Winzer
Jayme Ax
Jeremy Telling
Joe Friend
Joern Wistesen Andersen
John Gibbons – brother
Jonah Chrisman
Jonathan E Faure
Jordan Baysinger
Jordan Jacques
Jordan Wright
JorgeStrong (Jorge Ibanez)
Jori Zemel
Josh Deaton
Josh Harvey
Joshua Williamson
Justin Cowen
Justin Sipka
Kaitlyn Bernhardt
Kalā Peter
Katherine Ewing
Katie Elliot
Katie Roger
Katie Wilson
Kaycee Ann Chester
Keaton Lee McMurray
Keegan Fletcher
Kellie Lucas
Kemir Angelo Gonzales Vergara
Kennedy Griffith
Kenny Moffitt
Kyle Ashley
Kyle Brustowicz
Kyle Miller
Kyle Patrick Egan
Kyra Root
Lance Hussfeldt
Lane Cooper
Laura Stewart
Lauren Moody
Laurren Smith
Leah Chelsky
Lena (Denmark)
Lena Leonard
Leon Huhn
Lewis Bryant Jr.
Liberty Nicole Bell
Liddy Shriver
Lily Anderson
Lindsey Wilkins
Lisa Harder
Liz Rowan
Logan Boyd
Luke LaPray
Luke Simons
Maci Graham
Mackenzy ‘Kenzy’ Larson
Maddie Lane Demers
Madeline Parker Higgins
Malcolm Hill
Manny Lopez
Marc Nieuwburg
Marilyn Delgado
Marisa Westall
Marshal Robert Fisher
Marshall Smith
Mason Chandler Allen
Mason Wilson


Carlos Francisco Zambrano Mora
Abby Allen
Abigail Martin
Abigail Neibert
Aiden Beutlich
Aiden Hendrickson
Ailis McVearry
Aimen Bouchama
Alexander Howell
Alexis Johnson
Allie Hawkes
Allie Rambur
Ally Krastrat
Amy Anderson
Andrea Miralles
Andrew Bisaga
Andrew McCaffrey
Andrew Schbel
Ann Graham
Anna Beier
Annina Hanlon
Ansley Moxley
Ariana Diaz
Ashleigh Thornburg
Aurora Thurgood
Austin Beatty
Bailey Moody
Ben Baltz
Benjamin Robinette
Braylie Kellogg
Brendan Finneran
Brian Jacob
Bridget Korn
Bryce Decker
Cali Sky Weishaupl
Callum Flynn
Callum Paulsen
Cameron Lara
Cassandra Cummings
Catherine Maultsby
Charlie Cobb
Chris Bear
Christian Keoleian
Christian Rehe
Cianna Tunstall
Cierra Walsh
Claudia Favela
Cody Wippel
Colin Wiederholt
Collin Reinke
Collin Tanner
Daniel John Nehls
Daniel McNamara
Danielle Kristjanson
David Koury
David Steen
Daytona Andrews
Delaney Sweet-Weneke
Desiree Ercilia
Devon Hinton
Dominic Wittmann
Donna Jean
Duy Nguyen
Elise Robinson
Eliza Melendez
Emilio Moore
Emily Kempen
Emily Oberst
Emily Velazquez
Emma June Kent
Emma Knickman
Evan Eurs
Evan Hampel
Faten Zainal
Felicia Amoia
Frankie Gallegos
Freddy Baeza Alvarado
Gabi Shull
Gabrielle Roberts
Garrett Eberhard
Grace Kight
Grace McKenzie
Hadley Nelson
Hannah Smith
Harrison Riggle
Hasan Alkheej
Hope Nightingale


Prayer Agents

Mary Bisaga
A cancer diagnosis is an isolating experience for both the patient and their family.  Suddenly, you no longer share the same everyday occurrences as your friends, peers, co-workers and extended family. School aged patients spend so much time in the hospital and possibly traveling for treatment that their daily activities are vastly different from their friends.  Parents are no longer worried about packing lunches, scheduling extra-curricular activities or which neighbor has the best looking grass. Suddenly you are trying to navigate your way through unknown territory without Google Maps and you feel isolated, like you are living in a cave, alone.


Prayer Agents

MIB Gamer Agent Team Members

Sean, Tim, Bentley and Matt are ready to game with OsteoWarriors everywhere!
Mary Bisaga
Lead Prayer Agent

My name is Mary Bisaga and I am the mother of OsteoWarrior Andrew. Andrew was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2017 at the age of 12 and is currently NED. This diagnosis has had a profound emotional and spiritual impact on Andrew, myself, and our entire family. Throughout his journey, prayer has helped ease the burden of fear and doubt and provided a deeper level of comfort and confidence as we have been forced to cope with the challenges of this diagnosis. Prayer Agents holds a special place in my heart. When Andrew was going through treatment I was deeply comforted knowing there was a community, like MIB Agents, praying for him who understood more intimately what it was like to fight this disease. I am excited to be a part of MIB and Prayer Agents. I hope to help facilitate this same spiritual support for all those who are affected by Osteosarcoma. I firmly believe that with prayer we can find the grace and strength to overcome this terrible beast. “For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)

Contact Us About Ambassador Agents

Isabel Wolf

Meet Our Trainer

Maureen Smart, LCSW

Maureen is a licensed clinical social worker. Her experience as a social worker, and OsteoMom to survivor Maeve, has provided the knowledge and experience for her to co-develop the Ambassador Agents training program. It is her ongoing pleasure to train new Ambassador Agents to be the best peer visitors for new osteosarcoma families. She looks forward to the next Ambassador Agent Training sessions - if you are a year out of treatment, please consider taking the training.