When You Give Monthly, You Make It Better for Kids with Cancer Every Day.

It's Easy, Automatic, and Affordable- set it and forget it.

$10/month can support programs that help children fighting osteosarcoma the most, like our Warrior Mail and Gamer Agents. These programs provide encouragement, understanding and a sense of belonging to kids during treatment.


$25/month can give children in treatment for cancer items of comfort and entertainment so they feel less alone.


$50/month can provide parents/caregivers with educational resources to help their children during cancer treatment.


$75/month can fund desperately needed osteosarcoma research that can help kids in treatment now and kids yet to be diagnosed.

Kara's Story

Kara and her mom, Lisa, pictured here, are one of many families that have benefitted from our Ambassador Agent program. This is what Kara says about how Ambassador Agents has helped her during treatment for osteosarcoma.
"MIB’s Ambassador Agent program has provided my family with so much. There was a sense of community within MIB, knowing that there were people to reach out to, who have been through it, and who are fighting for better research. This made me feel so hopeful. The goodie bag also lifted my spirits!  I am grateful for the connection with Maeve* and all the information she has given me about prosthetic devices. We are so thankful for MIB and the wonderful people they have connected us with, paving the path for a successful life!"

*Maeve is an OsteoSurvivor, an Ambassador Agent, and a MIB Agents Jr Board member and was matched up with Kara to help her through treatment and beyond.

How You Make it Better