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Wall of Angels

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Alec loved life and handled everything with such grace. He fought with everything he had for 4.5 yrs.

Alex Bertran

Alex Meeker


Aliyah loved fashion, Instagram, trap music, her IPhone, her family, friends and her pups. She bravely accepted her diagnosis, amputation and Her Lord and Savior. Not once did she question why.


Allen Dedon


Alyssa Divers

Andrew Woodruff

Angel Jauregui


Angela Wilson

Anna Kitada

Anna loved soccer, art, reading, Harry Potter, and being with friends. Her smile lit up a room and she was such a positive force. She is loved and missed, always and forever.


Austin was a very interesting guy with many interests and hobbies. He was funny with the ability to make you belly laugh. Austin loved fishing as you can see by the smile on his face in this picture. He loved any kind of fishing, whether at the edge of the creek or pond, on grandpa Mark's small boat or deep sea fishing. He also loved photography, his bull dog Tank, his jeep, playing football, glass art, supporting his high school football team and he loved to be there for listening and solving problems when you needed him. He has taught us all so much about living life with a positive outlook and we miss him every single day.

Austin Guidry

Austin was a 13 year old boy who absolutely loved fishing and spending time with his family and friends. He was the sweetest, loving boy and best protective, caring big brother.

Balian Tsosie

He loves sharks, facts and homemade tacos. He is out running in the mountains and exploring the deep seas.


Benjamin Hawkes enjoyed school excelled both academically & at sports

Benjamin Atkins

Brendan Jaramillo

A friend to all. A protector of the little guy. Hilarious. A hero to very many.

Brennan Houghton

Brennan Riley

Brennan was a sweet, compassionate and shy kiddo. He loved spending time with the family with board and card games. He loved camping, motorcycle riding, swimming, shooting and cars. We know his is Heaven with our Savior and is no more pain.


Brent Ramer

Briana Loeding

AKA lil b and Bee. 8-years-old, from Bartlett, IL. Loved her family, dogs and cats, Minecraft, YouTube, painting, rainbows, and the color blue.


Brock Gumm


Cailin was an avid competitive swimmer, medaling at Age Group Championships &earning a spot on the FL Zone Team. She attended Academy of Holy Names in Tampa, FL. She was equally strong in the classroom, recognized in 6th grade with the perseverance award, which is now named in her honor. Struggling for each breath, Cailin fought till the end. She smiled & said "Mommy, put your face next to mine." She then softly whispered, "Mommy, I GOT THIS!" Her final words proved she never lost hope.

Cameron Bottelberghe

Carlo Minasi

Carmen Orellana

Carmen was an extraordinary human! Her heart was huge. She cared about others more then she cared about what she was going through. She was smart and brave and was really going places in life. But osteosarcoma took that from her.

Caroline Richards


Carson Lewis

Carson Lewis was uniquely wonderful. He touched so many through his journey and continues to make us all better people. He believed everyone should be treated with kindness and he always stood up for anyone being treated unjust. He was a true warrior and fought so hard to live. He loved his sisters most and once said, “I’m so glad that it’s me with osteo and not one of my sisters. Because, I couldn’t bare watching them go through this.” He was the bravest, strongest, most wonderful person ever. He is love.

Carter Mock

Carter had a joy for life and lived in the moment. He loved to spend his days climbing, biking, camping, swimming, and doing anything outside. He had a love of practical jokes and never left home without fake cockroaches to scared his next victim. Carter taught many people how to be tough and to live everyday to its fullest.

Catherine Kelly

Catherine lived a life full of kindness, gentleness, good humor, warmth and love especially love for her 9 children and her husband Jim. She radiated acceptance and grace to all those she encountered. Catherine was anything but ordinary. She was an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. She could always be counted on for a good laugh, a warm smile and an open door to her family's home. Catherine was extraordinary especially at her battle against cancer and never gave up faith, and her dedication to her family and amidst her difficult journey she still offered joy and kindness to others. She remained kind and full of love.

Cecilia Phan

Charlotte Murdoff

Chase Bailey

Cheyenne DeValasco

Chris Taylor

Christien M Quiles

Claire Moody

Clayton Laupus

Conner Crossan

Damon "Super D" Billeck

Damon (13) was a Super Hero. He fought for other kids even though he was a kid himself. He wore a Captain America uniform to make other kids feel better. He was a Community Activist & Spokeskid. He caught the eye of Buddy Valastro, Katie Couric & Chris Evans. Heroes Never die! They become Legends!

Daniel Garcia Beech

Dylan McCormack

Dylan was kind sweet and funny. He looked out for the kids he was in treatment with and those who knew him remember his grin, and how he would go out of his way to say hello to people.

Dylan Toma

Elijah Aleman

Emma Cosgrove

Gavin McClain

Gavin had what we lovingly called an "old soul," not too terribly concerned with the technology and trends of his peers. Instead he had a quiet wisdom and found passions that went well beyond his years: he cared deeply for others, he loved to work, and he was a true outdoorsman. Gavin was loyal to his family and friends with a keen awareness of the needs of others. He loved fiercely, and believed in doing what was right - even if it meant it was hard. Gavin was and is so very loved - and that will never change.

Gina Lynne Schell

Hallie Brown

Hayden Perry

Hayden was a funny, incredibly smart, old soul - Hayden was a gamer and played everything he could, which helped through his 13 different types of treatments. Hayden fought with such strength and absolute grace, it was our privilege to be his parents. His twin little brothers miss him so much, as we all do. 4 years after diagnosis, we sat with him in the night and told him it was ok to put his sword down and rest. He passed on to his next adventure May 19th 2020, he was 16 yrs old.

Heaven Holmes

Hunter Mogus

Hunter loved life. He loved weightlifting, animals, video games, and being with his family and friends. He would have done anything to still be here with us.

Ian Vallejo

Jared Cooper

Jayden Isaiah

Jayden was a fun loving teen with a heart of gold. He was an amazingly talented soccer player with a competitive spirit which played a major part in his journey. Jayden touched many lives in his short 15 years here. He will forever be remembered for his kind heart and infectious smile.

Jayden Thompson

Jonathan Faure


Josh Deaton

Justin Cowen

Kaitlyn Rose Hernhardt

Kaitlyn Rose was the most beautiful, kindest girl who loved making everyone smile. She loved babies, baking, making slime, Harry Styles, makeup, music, dogs, volunteering, praying, sleeping & relaxing, and being with her family and friends! her Make A Wish was with Harry Styles and was the best weekend ever!