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Dylan Toma

Dylan demonstrated incredible strength, courage, and optimism. He never stopped fighting and never gave up hope. He lived by his credo “I will always be strong enough to pick myself up no matter what,” and inspired others with his resilience, joyful spark, and grace.

Eli Wall

Elijah Aleman

Ella Mae Baumer

Ella had just turned 10 years old when was diagnosed. She was a competitive gymnast and an artist. She spent the next 2.5 years fighting this horrendous disease, but simultaneously spreading love, joy and beauty. She was unstoppable! Her life changes so many others and the world is better for her having been here.

Emma Cosgrove

Frodi Tuerlinckx

Our grandson Frodi was born in Scotland as the second child of his Belgian parents living there. If we would have to describe him in 3 words we would choose kindhearted, laid-back & funny. The journey he went through was unimaginably tough, but he always managed to make funny faces and find joy in little things. And as we cared for him he cared for us, by showing incredible spirit, making us laugh and smile every day. He passed away quietly at home after a 18 months struggle with osteosarcoma. This picture shows him about 6 weeks before he left us.

Gavin McClain

Gavin had what we lovingly called an "old soul," not too terribly concerned with the technology and trends of his peers. Instead he had a quiet wisdom and found passions that went well beyond his years: he cared deeply for others, he loved to work, and he was a true outdoorsman. Gavin was loyal to his family and friends with a keen awareness of the needs of others. He loved fiercely, and believed in doing what was right - even if it meant it was hard. Gavin was and is so very loved - and that will never change.

Gina Lynne Schell

Hallie Anne Brown

Hayden Perry

Hayden was a gentle heart with a warrior spirit. He loved gaming and loved being with his brothers. We miss your beautiful light, buddy.

Heaven Holmes

Henry Boswell

Henry was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in September 2019 aged 15 after having a football injury an X-ray revealed the cancer. He had to have his leg amputated but the cancer had spread to his lungs. He was told he’d have the all clear 4 months after his amputation. He continued fighting but the chemo wasn’t working on his lungs. He continued fighting until 8/7/20 when he passed surrounded by his family

Hunter Spradlin

Hunter loved life. He loved weightlifting, animals, video games, and being with his family and friends. He would have done anything to still be here with us.

Ian Greene

Ian was a funny, energetic, gregarious boy who never lacked enthusiasm in whatever he did. In November of 2019 he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his left tibia which had spread to his lungs and other bones. He fought with courage and hope, but he passed away only 6 months later. Until we see him again we honor his memory by striving to make it better for every other Osteowarrior and Osteoangel and their families.

Ian Vallejo

Isabelle Alani Arndt

Izzy Martin

A dancer since age 2, Izzy appreciated the opportunities to express herself through art. In her most difficult times, Izzy found ways to help others in her community as Izzy felt called to use her voice and her story to inspire others. God is good all the time; All the time, God is good.

Jack Hytner

Our son Jack was smart, funny and kind. He enjoyed his friends, basketball and competitive video gaming. Jack fought his illness the same way he lived his life, with humor and grace. He was our only son and will be forever missed. #fortheloveofjack #fluxing #pantsareoverrat

Jared Cooper

Jayden Isaiah Ojeda

Jayden was a fun loving teen with a heart of gold. He was an amazingly talented soccer player with a competitive spirit which played a major part in his journey. Jayden touched many lives in his short 15 years here. He will forever be remembered for his kind heart and infectious smile.

Jayden Thompson

Jonathan Faure

Jorge Ibanez Ruiz

Jose Manny Lopez

Jose Manny loved basketball and gaming. He loved back and neck rubs. He was the most courageous person I have ever had the honor of knowing. He was my everything.

Josh Deaton

Josiah Samuel Brevis

Josiah was 11 when he was diagnosed with high-grade osteosarcoma, and for the 28 months he fought the disease, he remained the most curious, bright, strong-willed kid. He was determined to learn everything he could about his disease and treatment. He loved Legos, everything Marvel, and always hoped to return to Boy Scouts and everything else he embraced in his before-cancer life. He touched the lives of everyone he met and believed until the end that he would beat this disease and live a long life. We miss him so much – he is our light and our warrior.

Justin Cowen

Kaitlyn Rose Bernhardt

Kaitlyn Rose was the most beautiful, kindest girl who loved making everyone smile. She loved babies, baking, making slime, Harry Styles, makeup, music, dogs, volunteering, praying, sleeping & relaxing, and being with her family and friends! her Make A Wish was with Harry Styles and was the best weekend ever!

Kala Peter

Karma Crystal-Kaylee Maestas

Karma from the moment she was born was a fighting firecracker that would challenge every thought, idea, action or authority that was flawed in her own outlook. Karma loved math and science almost as much as she loved to talk. Every school year she would end up sitting at a desk by herself because she would never stop talking. My favorite thing she would say is "it's Karma with a K cause im the good kind."

Katie Elliott

Katie was a happy teen who'd just started high school when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She maintained a positive outlook throughout her illness and insisted on LIVING while she still had breath in her.

Katie Wilson

Kaycee Ann Chester

Kaycee was an avid baker. Loved having baking competitions at home with her family. Enjoyed shopping, camping and Kayaking. So special to so many and will always shine through each and everyone one. Stay brave little one! Love Mommy and sisters!

Keaton McMurray

Keimryn Lee

Keimryn’s bright contagious smile and diva attitude as well as her positivity and strength through this journey caught the attention of so many people. As a result, she encouraged so many people young and old. Her favorite song "Why Not Me" helped push forward through this journey continuing to have faith in God.

Kemir Angelo Vergara

Kiara Cutler

Kyle Ashley

Kyle has an infectious laugh and his smile lit up a room. He was the star of his soccer team and earned a purple junior black belt in karate. He loved camping, hiking, biking, Legos, Star Wars, and the beach. He had a great sense of humor and excelled in school. He and his brother Jake were best buddies.

Kyle Brustowicz

Kyle Miller

Kyle Patrick Egan

Kyle was kind, friendly, funny, sweet, intelligent and enjoyed teaching himself to play the piano. He had the most beautiful smile to go along with his incredible personality. He was loved by many and was a gift to all who knew him.

Lauren Moody

Leah Chelsky

Leah had so many more things she wanted to do and places she wanted to see, but her life ended early at 24 because of Osteosarcoma. Her greatest wish for the future was to see a cure for Osteosarcoma, along with kinder treatments.

Lenny Binsbergen

Our boy Lenny was fighting Osteosarcoma for 3 years 7 months and 16 days. He will be forever 21. We are a family from New Zealand.

Leon Huhn

Lewis Bryant Jr

Lewie enjoyed basketball, baseball, archery, and loved playing his video games; Spiderman was his favorite beating it 6 times. He enjoyed playing with his puppy Jake and almost any and all movies; Adam Sandler and Kevin Hart were his favorite comedic actors. Lewie knew everything about Marvel or Dc. He enjoyed home-cooked meals and Little Ceasar pizza. Lewis was the most amazing person I have ever met. He made the best out of every bad situation and brought so much joy to so many people.

Lewis Priest

Lewis was so loving, fearless, calm, cool, and collected. He was a huge gamer and you could always find him playing (and getting very competitive) on one of his many game consoles. He also loved to draw and read. He and his big sister, Jasmine, enjoyed going to the movies together and did so very often. He was truly an angel even while on Earth and we miss him terribly.

Luke Simons

Maddie Lane Demers

Maddie Lane was a beautiful, sweet and oh so funny girl from Florida, that loved to play man hunt with her sister Mackenzie and her cousins. She was captain of her cheer squad. Maddie loved her dogs Anika and Stormy Girl. She was diagnosed with Multicentric Osteogenic Sarcoma and fought for eight months. We honor her with the Maddie's Fight Foundation.

Marisa Westall

Marouane Sabeur

Marshal Robert Fisher

Mason Allen

Mason Wilson

He loved being a big brother more than anything. The leader they all looked up to. He enjoyed eating delicious foods, anything to do with cars, going out with his best friends, playing video games, pro sports (Giants, Warriors, 49ers) & Little League baseball, rare pets like his Sphynx cats & Alaskan Klee Kai dogs who brought him such joy. He was always comfortable in knowing who he was & never felt like he had to be like anyone else. He had a wisdom, courage & hope that never disappeared even when osteosarcoma relentlessly progressed over & over again. He never gave up & would have done anything to live with his illness. He is the M in our MAGIC.

Matthew Adam Lehrman

McKenna Rae Schummer

McKenna found her passion for make up during her most difficult treatments. She founded the beauty bar for kids to use while in the hospital to help them find their courage, strength, & beauty. We are now a non profit organization bringing beauty bar to children in hospitals.

Megan Holmes

Mia Ainardi

Mia was an amazing daughter, she was wise beyond her years and a true joy to be around. We enjoyed numerous family adventures together and were proud of her many accomplishments. There was no greater accomplishment in Mia’s 15 years, then the way she represented herself during the last year of her life. · She had COURAGE to face each day and the unknown cancer would bring · She had HOPE for future healing of other cancer patients · She had FAITH that heaven would be her final resting place · And she had the utmost LOVE and affection for her family, friends, classmates, and teammates Mia was the light of our lives, she will continue to shine in our hearts forever.

Mia Costa

Michael Anthony Heras

Michael was an easy going kid with a sly sense of humor and a dimple filled smile that could light up a room. He loved playing basketball and playing PS4 Madden with his friends. He loved watching sports, his favorite teams and players were OKC with Russell Westbrook and the Seahawks with Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. He loved his dogs Wesley, Owen and Rex but there wasn't a dog that he didn't fall in love with that he'd met. Michael was strong, determined and a fighter till the end. He is greatly missed by so many.