Tyler Mert's Osteosarcoma Research Fund

Tyler Mert

Tyler was a typical teenager who aspired to study Computer Science and had an avid interest in developing a division for innovative technology in homes and business offices. He started a separate division within his family’s Real Estate Development Company with his business concept at age 18. On the personal side, he had a special gift for connecting with people and creating a strong bond and friendship with anybody from any walk of life regardless of age.

Tyler was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma on his right distal femur in January 2019. He was only 16. He completed MAP protocol treatment, had two limb salvage surgeries, and was declared cancer-free in November 2019. Unfortunately, only six months later, cancer came back. Since then, he has received multiple chemo treatments, immunotherapies, radiation and cryoablation treatment, targeted therapies, and a total femur replacement surgery. Unfortunately, his tumor did not respond to any of the treatments. It became chemo resistant and refractory and metastasized to multiple spots in his body.

As he was on his last treatment, Radium 223, an injectable radiation, his cancer advanced and unfortunately took his life on January 10, 2022. He fought hard for three long years, going from one facility to another.

Tyler had a light so bright, everyone, no matter the age, saw it immediately after they met him. His wish was that no other person would experience the pain and suffering he endured. He will always be remembered for his great sense of humor, love of family and close friends, his passion for travel, and the game of golf.

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Our Mission

MIB Agents Is A Leading Pediatric Osteosarcoma Nonprofit Dedicated To Making It Better For Our Community Of Patients, Families, Medical Professionals, Researchers, And Industry Partners Through Programs, Education, And Research.
Supporting Doctors, Researchers, and the Medical Community
FACTOR Osteosarcoma Conference

FACTOR brings together the leading researchers, clinicians, surgeons, together with patient families and OsteoWarriors to Make It Better for those battling this disease.

Annual OutSmarting Osteosarcoma Grant

Each year a grant of $100,000 is awarded to a project that will focus on moving research forward for osteosarcoma patients.

Osteosarcoma Resources for you to give to patients

Browse our extensive list of osteosarcoma resources from MIB Agents and our partner organizations.

OsteoBites Weekly Webinar

OsteoBites is a weekly webinar and podcast where we invite Osteosarcoma Experts and OsteoWarriors to share their research, hope, and innovation.

Supporting Kids and Young Adults with Osteosarcoma
Gamer Agents

Agent GAMERS game with their fellow OsteoWarriors and OsteoSiblings.

Ambassador Agents

Ambassador Agents are certified peer visitors who provide hope, understanding, and resources.

Warrior Mail

OsteoWarriors receive monthly letters of hope and cheer from MIB Agent Writers around the world.


When an OsteoWarrior transitions to hospice care, MIB Agents provides an experience or an item of comfort and entertainment.

HQ at FACTOR Osteosarcoma Conference

The OsteoWarriors HQ (headquarters) brings kids and young adults who have a connection to osteosarcoma together and It. Is. Awesome!


A world with less toxic, more effective treatments and a cure for osteosarcoma.


We are devoted to creating and instilling hope with and for our inclusive and collaborative osteosarcoma community. We do this through mutual trust, transparency and compassion.