Host a Fundraising Event to Benefit MIB Agents

Your efforts from hosting a fundraising campaign or event for MIB Agents will help us support promising osteosarcoma-specific research, provide support and advocacy through our programs, and complete warrior missions. We can’t think of a better way to honor a child that is battling osteosarcoma or a child that has passed from this bone cancer.

Hosting a fundraising event should be simple, fun, and something you and your community are passionate about! We have listed below event ideas that we think are pretty fun but we would love to hear your suggestions! Even something you think is little, can make a BIG difference. Don’t stress about the details and let that take away your desire to host a fundraiser; kids with cancer are counting on you. We are here to help make sure your event is a success so reach out to us so we can help with planning, marketing and execution:

Thank you for using your powers for good, we promise to do the same!

Community Events

Read - A - Thon

The fundraiser works like this: Kids ask parents, teachers, friends, and family to sponsor their efforts in the read-a-thon. Kids collect donations for however many minutes or pages they read. Remember to give a prize to the child who reads the most during the event!

Hats For A Cause

With a donation to MIB Agents, you can wear a hat during the day at school. You can apply this same idea for pajamas, or any special activity at school such as eating outside, eating with a friend in another class, eating in the classroom, eating with teacher, eating with principal, etc. Working for a living? Use this at work for Casual for a Cause.

Guessing Jars

Design creative “guessing jars” at a school or extra circular event and charge for guesses. The person who has the closest guess wins the jar. Ideas would be gummy worms, hair accessories, golf tees, shells, erasers, plastic army men, miniature cars, Legos, M&M’s, Skittles, gum balls, etc. This could be done at work too! Find that person in the office where everyone sees to stop during the day and keep it on their desk!

Family Game Night

Pull out your favorite classic board games because it’s time for a family game night. Encourage all families invited to the event to bring their favorite board games. Then, charge a small admissions fee per family to play. You can offer drinks and snacks for a fee too and set up a table for donations and creating awareness for osteosarcoma.

Teacher In Jail

Of course, the teacher isn’t actually going to jail. If the students raise enough money, the teacher will, however, be locked in the classroom or teacher’s lounge for a period. Then, the kids could have some free time in the gym, on the playground, or in another communal area. The teacher will have some time to catch up on planning or grading, kids have some extra free time, and you’ll raise plenty of cash. This would work with a Coach too so instead of running laps, Coach is locked in the office and team members creatively “practice”.

Restaurant Night

Many restaurants offer a “restaurant night” to nonprofits and other causes. A restaurant like Chipotle, Moe’s, Zaxby’s or Panera Bread, Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s and more can partner with the cause and agrees to donate a portion of the profits for a single evening to the nonprofit. This is a super easy fundraising event that only requires contacting the restaurant, setting the date, and advertising through social media and email to your friends, family and community. You could step it up and offer door prizes.

Osteosarcoma Change Wars

Split the kids into teams or encourage competition between different elementary school classes. Kids put pennies and other coins in the jar for their team. Every cent collected is a point toward that team.
The twist is that dollars are negative points. Kids can put dollars in the jars for their
competitors to subtract 100 points for that team.Whoever has the most points at the end
of the fundraiser, wins! Don’t forget to provide a small prize for the winning team. This is
the perfect office fundraiser too!

Dodge-ball Or Kick-Ball Tournament

A dodge-ball or kickball tournament is a fun and exciting way to get adults and kids alike out and about for your fundraising cause.
Require some participation or spectator fee for the tournament. Kids and adults will love
throwing these soft balls at their family and friends. Remember to offer a prize for the
winner of the competition! Try adding a concession stand at the tournament and putting a donation box with osteosarcoma information for some extra earnings. We will provide all osteosarcoma stats you need.

Talent Show

Showcase the talent in your school, church, or community. Secure a fun and free event space (school, church, park) and charge for admission. You can also charge for drinks and snacks. This could be as simple or elaborate as you want! Don’t be afraid to reach out to a dance, gymnastic, music, acting studio in your area for help and support. This can be done for all ages. Adults have talent too!

Mailbox Bows for
Childhood Cancer Awareness

Sell mailbox bows for your community
to display during the month of September. These can be made ahead of time (months to
days before depending on your storage availability) and it’s a great way to get other
community organizations and kids involved for service hours as they can help make,
sell and drop off bows! The details of this project have been worked out and we can
share all of the details with you.

Shopping 4 Hope

Reach out to all of your independent reps and direct sales businesses and bring them together for a one day shopping event. You can either charge people to shop, charge each business for a booth/table, or ask for a percentage of sales from that representative. Most companies now have a matching program for charities so you can take advantage of this as MIB Agents is a 501(c)(3).

Cake or Cupcake Decorating Contest

Charge a small admission fee to enter the
competition. Set up age groups so everyone is competing with others roughly their same age. Then, let the game begin! Set cupcakes in front of everyone and give them a certain amount of time to decorate that cupcake for the competition. An unbiased volunteer judge passes a verdict to find the best cupcake designer for each age group. Finally, everyone enjoys their sweet treats. This is an event for all ages and can be as serious or fun as you want!

Art Gallery

Display works of art and invite guests to your Gallery Night. This could be as elaborate or as simple as you want. You can dress up or go casual, offer snacks and “fancy drinks” for a fee and obviously charge for the artwork! Each artist can talk to guests about their creation.

Craft Fair

Showcase the creative talent in your community or organization. Each crafter could pay for a table and guests pay a fee to attend the event. You can also have food,
music, baked goods, etc.

Book Swap

Organize a book swap for a small fee and let children, teens and adults swap for new reads!

Parent Night Out

Essentially parents’ night out is like group babysitting. Gather some volunteers to watch children while their parents take a night off. This can be hosted at a church, community building, school, park, wherever you can secure a safe and donated space in your community. Kids can watch a movie, make crafts, play games, eat pizza, decorate cookies – the ideas are endless. Bonus – Parents will pay A LOT for a night out! This would be a great activity for a high school group that looking for community service hours and/or to serve their community.

Fashion Show

Partner with local shops (for men, women and kids) and host a fashion show. You could also let vintage stores and consignment shops join in and allow for aspiring designers to promote their styles. You can charge admission, advertise (and thank) the people and shops who donated. Have music, have an MC, have fun!

Bake Sale

This can be done anywhere by anyone! You can do it as an individual, family or group, in an office, community event or school setting or door to door in your neighborhood. We can print MIB labels for all your yummy treats!

Casual For A Cause

Make every Friday during one month casual dress with a donation to MIB Agents. You can apply this at the office or at a private school.

Trivia Night

Sell tickets and invite community or specific people, teams, classes, friends, etc.

Rubber Duck Race

Adopt a duck and see if he/she can float to the finish line! Prizes for the winners.

Concert For A Cure

Love music? Play an instrument? Sing? Organize a concert. This could be done with high school chorus, band or symphony OR adults that just love music. Get creative. Create a playlist. Find a venue (park, church, school, local theatre, art museum, children’s museum or even zoo!) and invite, invite, invite! Could also format this event as Battle of the Bands.

21+ Events

Pub Crawl

How many pubs and bars can visit? It is for charity remember.

Wine Up

Set up wine tasting at local restaurant or bar and charge to participate.

Party for a Purpose

Host a party and raise money for childhood cancer. That is a pretty big purpose.


Fun Run

These can be traditional or make them:
Glo Runs

Color Runs

Night Runs

Themed Runs

Pet Runs

Sibling Run

Mud Runs

Obstacle Course Runs

Walk A Month
– walk the number of miles based on the date on the calendar and have
people sponsor you per mile

Tournaments Galore

These can be organized for adults, kids or a combination of both as they are suitable for any age! Have prizes for winners.

Golf (can also be Skills Challenge)


Disc Golf



Nerf Gun

Paint Ball

Laser Tag

Flag Football


(Mother/Son and or Father/Daughter)




Corn Hole



Fill out form below to request that your MIB Agents event be added to the calendar. Upon receiving your request, you will be contacted by an agent to discuss your event further.

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