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Testing & Research Directory

The MIB Testing & Research Directory is a guide to testing and research options to either help inform a personal treatment plan and/or contribute to general osteosarcoma research.
Help patients and families understand the available test and research opportunities
Bridge the gap between researchers needing data and samples to further their research, and families who want to donate samples

Overview of Test Options

For patients & families seeking to inform a personal treatment plan

Tests for tumor characteristics and drivers may help identify any mutations or pathways that may be targetable with a drug, and might help prioritize a drug list for functional drug testing. However, the identified mutations may not necessarily be tumor drivers, nor have available drugs.
Functional drug testing may test the effectiveness of drugs on cancer cells, independent of genomic information. Data from genomic sequencing can help narrow a drug list, but is not required for functional drug testing.

Creating a Care Plan

When creating your plan:
  • Discuss testing options with your oncologist.
  • Focus on test efforts that may provide actionable results.
  • Work with your oncologist to determine a list of drugs to test.
  • Since the tumor genomic profile may mutate over time, consider testing tissue after any new relapse/resection.

Overview of Research Studies

In addition, there are also opportunities to contribute samples to improve the general knowledge about osteosarcoma, but will not provide any data to inform a personal treatment plan.

Other research efforts add your anonymous tissue to a database that can be used to analyze data and patterns.
Prioritize tissue for tests that can inform your personal treatment plan, but consider donating any extra tissue samples to labs to further osteosarcoma research.

Doctors & Researchers

The osteosarcoma patient and family community are eager to contribute patient data and samples to further osteosarcoma research, discover new treatments and improve treatment outcomes. If you are working on an osteosarcoma study and are seeking patient data and/or samples, please complete the form below. The information will be collected in a living document by MIB and will be communicated to and made available to osteosarcoma patients and families. If you have any questions about this form, please contact tdd@mibagents.org.

NOTE:  MIB does not independently verify information submitted to MIB; it relies on submitters to provide information that is accurate and not misleading. MIB makes no endorsements of tests or laboratories listed in the MIB Testing & Data Directory. MIB is not a substitute for medical advice. Patients and families with specific questions about a genetic test should contact a healthcare provider or a genetics professional.