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Here is my story:

1) My story begins in 1994, I was 8 years old. I was in great shape.
2) In 1995 I was 9 years old. After regular knee pain, I learn that I have osteosarcoma. Treatment is very difficult and I lose all my hair, but I keep fighting.
3) At the age of 12 I fractured the prosthesis, I’m operating again, and I do months of rehabilitations.
4) Age 18, time for an adult endo-prosthesis, after staph infection, I again underwent dozens of operations. Hundreds of days in bed in the hospital. Thousands of stitches. Complications etc, my body was broken., Fortunately I was well surrounded by my family and I always kept faith in victory.

5) Then for my 24th birthday I made the decision to have myself amputated because I had been living in hell for too long. After that, it took me two years to be able to walk perfectly. I trained like crazy to become independent. Then I continued my training and there, more at the physiotherapist but in the gym.

During these years of hospitality to keep morale I made a plan of something I would like to do when I was healthy I dream of being strong like a superhero. So I trained in the gym to become Weightlifting Champion.
6) I become vice champion of France, I win the coup de de France
7) I then launched my ultimate challenge, to Cross Europe By Bike. I cross 10 countries and travel more than 3000km by bike I see so many things it was just beautiful!
8) Now I am training to climb the Bishorn in SWITZERLAND on June 6 and 7, 4,153 meters above sea level. 10 months of preparation, 3 days of walking.
9) NextI will climb the magnificent Mont Blanc, the summit of Europe 4810 meters of alititude
10) Will again attend the MIB Agents FACTOR Conference in 2021 with many stories to tell!
You know my story, my projects
I am so happy to live and there is still so much to discover.

#BelieveInBetter #MakeItBetter #osteosarcoma
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