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My name is Deysi, pronounced like Daisy but spelled differently, and my life took an unexpected turn in 1999 when I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. The realization came shortly after my 8th birthday party, as I noticed something was drastically wrong with my left leg. I was an only child who spent the majority of my time outdoors, reveling in the joy of exploring wildflowers and chasing after little critters. My parents, who were planning to move back to our family's origin in Ecuador, were suddenly faced with the harsh reality of my cancer diagnosis.

The day I learned about my condition through a biopsy is etched in my memory—the looks on my parents' faces and their expressions painted a picture of fear and uncertainty. While my family viewed cancer as a death sentence, I, at my young age, only recognized it as something I had seen on TV that affected people.

I established care at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital and received Chemotherapy treatments and surgery. The hospital staff, clinicians, and nurses played a pivotal role in guiding me through this challenging period.Fast forward to today, at the age of 32, I stand proudly in remission for over 24 years.

My life has taken a remarkable trajectory, and I am now a proud graduate with a Master's Degree from the Smith College School of Social Work. My passion for helping others led me to work with oncology patients at Mount Sinai Hospital and Susan G Komen.

In 2023, I celebrated another milestone—marrying my best friend. Throughout my journey, I discovered the therapeutic power of art, and it became an integral part of my healing process. I owe my recovery to the incredible clinicians, staff members, nurses, and countless individuals who supported my parents and me through the most challenging times.

My story is not just one of overcoming cancer but a testament to the strength that emerges from the collective support of a community. Today, I continue to thrive, inspired by my experiences, and dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of others facing similar challenges.

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