stories of hope




I was 5 years old and it was my first day of Kindergarten in August of 2016. I slipped from the monkey bars that afternoon and injured what I thought was my hip. An X-Ray in the local ER that Thursday evening revealed no fractured hip, but did show the muscle pulled away from my bone right above my knee which indicated and later was verified to be diagnosed as Osteosarcoma. My parents think an angel pushed me from those bars as prior to that fall, I had no pain or symptoms indicating an illness.

My journey of treatment took place 5 hours from my home at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. After my first two cycles of MAP, I had rotationplasty. At 5 years old, I didn’t really help make thedecision but did understand this was the best option based on my size and age. I also got to meet a really cool kid named Carter in Boston during my second opinion that showed me that I could be anactive kid with no limitations with this surgery. My mentor during the whole treatment process, Gabi also helped me see that this surgery as well as Osteosarcoma could be beat and that I could be a normalkid again soon!

After nine months and completion of MAP, we left the hospital on the Saturday evening before Easter 2017 and drove home through the night in order to celebrate Easter at my home church. It was acelebration of Christ’s rising and our families new life beginning after treatment that year.

I’m beyond blessed to share that I have been cancer and treatment free since that time. I have been able to get back to being an active kid playing volleyball, swimming, bike riding and conquering anychallenge I set my mind to. I love my annual summer camps with all the cancer warrior kids and think that the MIB Factor conference is one of the best weekends of each year! MIB has provided so manygreat opportunities for me to meet individuals just like myself as well as some great resources for questions I may have as I progress through life as a Survivor. I am thankful for the kindness and work ofall those who are helping to Make It Better and grateful to be able to also share and be a resource for kids who are living a life similar to mine.

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