Our Mission:

MIB Agents is a nationwide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to Making It Better (MIB) for kids with osteosarcoma, bone cancer.

MIB Ambassador Agents

MIB Ambassadors are trained Agents who offer support, love and hope to each other; Warrior-to-Warrior, Father-to-Father, Mother-to-Mother, Sibling-to-Sibling. Our journeys will be different, but there is a connection between those who have walked the osteosarcoma path that is strong and comforting. Ambassadors support patients and families in active treatment through hospital visits, phone, email and text communication, gaming and MIB Swag Bags and Caregiver Go Bags.

Prayer Agents

Prayers, intentions and positive thoughts are so uplifting to many OsteoWarriors and their families. Prayer Agents lift any warrior, angel or family up with their prayers and intentions. Whether urgent or ongoing, Prayer Agents will be activated all over the world at your request and in particular on the first Sunday of every month when each name on The OsteoAngel & OsteoWarrior lists are read. Anyone can be a Prayer Agent regardless of faith tradition or spiritual practice. All are welcome.

Gamer Agents

Video Gaming is a wonderful way to have fun while in treatment. MIB Lead Gamer Agents are trained Ambassador Agents who game with survivors, warriors and current patients of osteosarcoma. OsteoWarriors who are out of treatment are paired with an OsteoWarrior who is in treatment. They battle together on the game and system [Xbox, PS] of their choice.

Osteosarcoma: From Our Family To Yours

A FREE resource written by osteosarcoma families for osteosarcoma families with the support and guidance from some of the top osteosarcoma medical professionals across the USA. This book is meant to aid you on this journey – we are not doctors or medical professionals. Your medical team is your first point of contact for everything medical.

As a community, we will Make It Better for people with osteosarcoma.

Use Your Powers for Good

We promise our donors that every dollar raised for research goes as a whole dollar for research. It is important to the entire MIB Agents organization and our donors, that the researchers we fund and their institutions use 100% of their MIB Agents funding for expenses directly related to the osteosarcoma research award. Given the scarcity of funding for osteosarcoma research, we do not fund indirect costs of institutions in any amount.


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