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Healing Hearts

Bereavement Program

Healing Hearts was created by grieving parents who needed a haven of love and comfort along with the hope of healing. While we acknowledge that our hearts will never heal after the loss of a child, we want our scars to remind us that we can experience joy alongside sadness. Together, we support each other in creating a life worth living, for and with our children.

Lori Krause is a life coach with a focus on grief as well as end of life. She is a hospice-trained grief facilitator for both adults and children and is an INELDA-trained End of Life Doula; with a deep passion for relationship building; open and honest communication; healing; loving; and caregiving.

Two 12 week sessions of Healing Hearts for Parents will begin in September on Sundays at 5:30 Pacific Time and Wednesdays at 7:00 Eastern Time and will run through December 17th.   Bereaved parents of OsteoAngels who are interested in joining the group should fill out a short form by clicking on the “Register for Healing Hearts” rectangle below. Please contact with any questions. Led by grief counselor Lori Krause, whose sessions are very popular in our OS community.

Healing Hearts has been such a blessing to us. When my daughter passed I really wanted to connect with people that understood what I was going through and what we had been through. I had people suggesting that we go to a general grief therapy program and it just wasn’t what I wanted. When I learned that MIB was offering this program I knew I wanted to try it. Going through grief like this is a very lonely feeling and this group has helped me so much. Lori is absolutely wonderful. The other parents in the group are all very supportive of each other and understand what you are going through. It’s also very helpful to hear how different people handle their own grief and in different stages as well. I’m so grateful for this group.” Laura, Because Of Cara

Healing Hearts for Siblings sessions begin in September as well, Sundays at 4:00 Pacific Time. There are two groups for Siblings:

Healing Hearts for Teen Siblings (Ages 12 - 16) & Healing Hearts for Young Adult Siblings (Ages 17-35)

These two sibling groups, led by Lori Krause, will alternate Sundays, running through December 17th. Bereaved siblings of OsteoAngels who are at least 12 years old can sign-up by completing a short form by clicking the “Register for Healing Hearts” rectangle below. Please contact Isabel Wolf with any questions at

These, and every MIB Agents program, are free of charge, thanks to generous donors like you who Make it Better.

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“A heart that reaches out with love can heal a soul and change a life.”
- Kiran Shaikh


Martha Hickman
Meaghann Weaver MD MPH, Lori Wiener PhD DCSW, Mikki Butterley
Lucy Hone
Ernie Jackson
Paula Stephens
Janet Nohavec and Suzanne Giesemann
Bill and Judy Guggenheim
Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski
Mary C. Neal, M.D.
Dr. Eben Alexander
John Holland
Dr. Mark Pitstick

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