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There are currently no more sessions scheduled for 2020, please check back for Season 2 airing in January 2021


Episode Twenty-Seven: 11/19/2020 – Dear Lungs, Stop enabling this cancer:
Targeting interactions that facilitate osteosarcoma metastasis.

Episode Twenty-Six: 11/12/2020 – New Genomic Approachesto UnderstandingOsteosarcoma

Episode Twenty-Five: 10/15/2020 –
Modeling Osteosarcoma in Mice: Mouse Models to Test Immunotherapy Combinations

Episode Twenty-Four: 9/24/2020 – The Process of Legacy Donation

Episode Twenty-Three: 9/17/2020 – Adjuvant Immunotherapy forCanine Osteosarcoma

Episode Twenty-Two: 9/10/2020 – Moffitt’s Osteosarcoma Research Approaches

Episode Twenty-One: 8/27/2020 – A Day in the Life of a Musculoskeletal Oncologist:
Margins, Metal, Munchkins, and Other Meandering Madness

Episode Twenty: 8/20/2020 – Correlative ScienceLeading to Active andEmerging Clinical Trials

Episode Nineteen: 8/13/2020 – Modeling and Targeting MYC-Driven OS

Episode Eighteen: 8/6/2020 – Coping Through Cancer: Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Episode Seventeen: 7/30/2020 – Patient Preferences Matter:
An Update on the Osteosarcoma Patient Decision Aid for Surgical Options in the Lower Extremity

Episode Sixteen: 7/23/2020 – Making It Better: General OS Questions Answered

Episode Fifteen: 7/16/2020 – Survivorship Care Planning; The Critical Need and How
The Passport for Care Survivorship Portal Makes It Easy for Survivors and Care Providers

Episode Fourteen: 7/9/2020 – Osteosarcoma Institute Funded Clinical Trial

Episode Twelve: 6/25/2020 – Precision Surgery

Episode Eleven: 6/18/2020 – Navigating the Testing and Research Directory

Episode Ten: 6/11/2020 – Audio Companionship for Oncology Patients During this Anxious Time

Episode Nine: 6/4/2020 – Amputee Coalition: An Overview of Programs, Services & Partnerships

Episode Eight: 5/28/2020 – Osteosarcoma Research: OutSmarting Osteosarcoma 2017 Winner
EP53 Loaded NanoParticle for OS

Episode Seven: 5/21/2020 – Osteosarcoma Research: OutSmarting Osteosarcoma 2018 Winner
Disulfiram To Overcome Chemotherapy Resistance in Sarcomas

Episode Six: 5/14/2020 – Osteosarcoma Research: OutSmarting Osteosarcoma 2020 Winner
CD73 – The Next Immunotherapy Target in OS

Episode Five: 5/7/2020 – Osteosarcoma Research: OutSmarting Osteosarcoma 2019 Winner
Conditioning the Immune Environment for Effective Therapies for Metastatic Pulmonary OS

Episode Four: 4/30/2020 – Trial: Upfront Surgery for OS Clinical Trial Concept

Episode Three: 4/23/2020 – General OS Questions Answered

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Episode Two: 4/16/2020 – General OS Questions Answered

Episode One: 4/9/2020 – Osteosarcoma Project

To learn more about the Osteosarcoma Project visit,

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