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Every month, OsteoWarriors receive Warrior Mail - monthly letters of hope and cheer from MIB Agent Writers around the world. OsteoWarrior Aiden and his family who are active Agent Writers share Aiden’s osteosarcoma story, their advice for other families managing an osteosarcoma diagnosis, why they write for Warrior Mail, and what motivated them to start a MIB Agents Family Fund. 

How was Aiden first diagnosed?

Aiden started complaining of knee pain in the Fall of 2020 and after taking him to the doctor it was dismissed as growing pains and we were told to get him better shoes.  The pain persisted to the point where Aiden couldn’t sleep anymore, so in February of 2021 we took him back to the doctor, where an x-ray was ordered, followed by an MRI, bone biopsy, and the diagnosis of osteosarcoma in his left tibia. Aiden started treatment a week later.

What type of treatment(s)/surgery did Aiden have?

Aiden had 9 months of MAP protocol, along with a limb salvage surgery. He is currently anticipating surgery for a lung nodule. 

What is Aiden up to these days? What are Aiden's hobbies and activities he and your family enjoy in your downtime? 

Aiden loves to keep busy. If he’s not in the desert Jeeping or at the river kayaking, then he’s home tinkering in the garage. He recently pieced together and built himself a gas powered bike. He can often be found 3-D printing and putting his bigger prints together. In the last few months he has printed and assembled a RC Car, a RC airplane, and is currently working on a RC tank. He also enjoys printing little toys to send to MIB Warrior Mail. 

How has osteosarcoma impacted your life as a family? 

Osteosarcoma has taught our family that things can change very quickly and we can’t control the future. God has used it to slow us down, take deep breaths, and appreciate the here and now. 

What advice would you give to other parents and families who are currently going through treatment for osteosarcoma?

Even on really hard days find something to be thankful for. The MIB community offers some amazing resources, education, and support! Let this group walk with you on this journey.  

The Beutlich family has been active as Warrior Mail Writer Agents. Tell us about your family's involvement in Warrior Mail and why this program is so special to your family?

When Aiden was deep in treatment, and having so many really rough days, we stumbled upon Warrior Mail and signed him up. Shortly after that, he received his first round of Warrior Mail, and it brought so much happiness to him.  It meant so much to him to hear from people who had been touched by osteosarcoma and could relate to him and “talk” to him without reminding him he was sick. The “icing on the cake” was when he got to meet Isabel (MIB Agents Director of Programs) last June at FACTOR, and she just made him feel so loved. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that group!?! Our family now actively writes for Warrior Mail each month, and we find great joy in giving back in this small way. We are honored to be part of this important work and so thankful it exists for these kids. It has also become a “whole family” effort, as our immediate family, as well as both of Aiden’s grandmas now write for Warrior Mail! We are all honored to have this opportunity to reach out to other osteo families. 

What motivated you to start a Family Fund in honor of Aiden?

Our family longs to raise money to find a cure! No child should have to suffer from osteosarcoma. We are honored to be part of the MIB Agents community and so thankful for all the work of everyone on this team. Together we can MAKE IT BETTER! 

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