Two Shoes and Two Cents

Two Shoes and Two Cents

Sister Diane was my religion teacher in the second grade.   She was an imposing, yet kind presence with a big voice, crisp white habit and a talent for bringing a story to life.  One story that honestly didn’t make much sense to me was about a great gift.  The story told of Jesus sitting across from the Treasury and watching the crowd put money into the collection, many depositing large amounts with great fanfare.  Then, a poor widow came by and quietly contributed two small coins.   Jesus called his disciples and said that the woman had contributed more than all the others, as they contributed from their surplus, and she out of her poverty.  Side note:  I thought it was pretty amazing that I was better at math than Jesus and Sister Diane.  

Today I heard a Ted Talk from a firefighter named Mark Bezos telling of his first call to a big fire. He arrived on the scene and saw the Fire Chief talking to a somewhat hysterical barefoot woman.  She was watching her house quickly becoming engulfed in flames, her dog still in the house.  The Chief called Mark and another firefighter over.  He proudly hurried over for his assignment.  The Chief asking the first man to find the dog, and Mark to get the woman some shoes from the part of the house that was not yet affected by the fire.  Feeling a little disappointed that he didn’t get the big job of rescuing the dog – and subsequently making his kids proud, he followed orders, retrieving the shoes and leaving them at the woman’s feet.  She didn’t make eye contact and seemed barely to notice the gesture.  He went home and shared the story about not having done much, but bringing a woman her shoes.  Some time later, the Chief got a letter from the woman who was effusive in her praise of the department’s fine work.  She concluded by noting that the greatest kindness of all was shown by the firefighter who brought her the shoes.  Side note: Gentlemen, if you wish to be remembered by a woman – bring her some shoes.

The widow and the firefighter both did what Saint Theresa of Calcutta asked us to do – “small things with great love,” for these are the great things of life.  The firefighter asked the Ted audience to not wait until they were rich or successful to do or give, but to start now.  

On this Giving Tuesday, we want to give you our wholehearted thanks.  As a 100% volunteer organization for kids with osteosarcoma, we rely on donations to Make It Better.  Thank you for your support of MIB Agents Osteosarcoma Alliance.  Thank you for Making It Better for the kids fighting this disease.   Whether you put out a house fire or quietly entrusted us with your two coins, we are grateful.

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