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Meet Vicky Hoy, MIB Agents 2023 Junior Advisory Board President

Meet Vicky Hoy, our MIB Agents Junior Advisory Board 2023 President. A freshman at Villanova University, Vicky is an OsteoWarrior who enjoys weightlifting, playing in the orchestra, business and finance, and Making It Better for the osteosarcoma community.  Vicky has participated in our AYA podcast OsTEAo and is a frequent panelist on our OsteoBites webinar series.  She is a dedicated leader in our patient community and we are thrilled to have her lead our MIB Agents Junior Advisory Board this year.

When and how were you first diagnosed?

After thinking I had a hip sports injury for four months I was diagnosed in July of 2021.

What type of treatment(s)/surgery did you have?

Limb Salvage, Thoracotomy, MAP chemo.

What are you up to these days?

I’m a freshman at Villanova University in the business school.

What are your hobbies? What activities do you enjoy in your downtime?

I love weightlifting (even if limb salvage severely limits my abilities), going out with friends, playing in the orchestra, supporting Villanova athletes (Go Cats!), and lots of professional development events through women in business and the Villanova finance group.  I also really enjoy community service each week.

How has osteosarcoma impacted your life?

I still have difficulty walking and participating in physical activities I used to enjoy. I find that navigating campus with an electric scooter has helped. It can also be difficult to see osteo friends still in treatment while you’re in remission.

You have been on the MIB Agents Junior Advisory Board for over a year.  What motivated/inspired you to join the MIB Agents Junior Advisory Board?

When I was going through treatment I wanted to find a community that understood what I was going through. My friends and family tried their best to support me, but they could never truly understand as they had never had/dealt with cancer before. I first followed Kara Skubris (2022 JAB President) on instagram and saw a story about the Junior Advisory Board. MIB Agents seemed like the type of community I was looking for and I immediately applied to join the Junior Advisory Board.

What are your most memorable MIB Agents experiences?

Definitely the FACTOR conference. I was able to put everyone’s name to a face. Seeing everyone on Zoom is nice, but being surrounded by everyone in person is a lovely experience. I felt completely accepted and loved while I was there.

What are your goals this year as the MIB Agents Junior Advisory Board president? What do you hope to accomplish?

I hope to continue and expand the work we have done in previous years. The most important part of the MIB Agents Junior Advisory Board is the community, being there for one another, and being a continual support at meetings and outside of them. I hope we can achieve this through osteosarcoma advocacy like moderating OsteoBites, connecting at monthly team meetings, participating in MIB Agents Gamer Agents, and supporting all other MIB Agents programs. 

What are your plans for the future?

As of right now I hope to earn my degree in the next four years and pursue a career in management consulting. I am currently preparing for an internship this summer in Singapore (a little nervous for hosting meetings with a 12-hour time difference!). Throughout my future I plan to continue doing work for osteosarcoma.

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