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Connective Issue #8

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Partnering with Purpose

As a non-profit, we focus on minimizing our operating costs while maximizing the impact of our programs. By partnering with purpose, we connect with our partners through a common purpose and goal - to Make It Better. When we work towards this common goal together, finding synergy in our strengths and interests, we can together amplify the impact of our efforts.  We encourage you to take advantage of our compelling programs this month, made possible because of our partners. Thanks to our friends at the Rally Foundation, we are excited to co-host a Researcher Best Practices Webinar on April 6th about Department of Defense Pediatric and AYA Cancers funding opportunities. Check out a valuable new resource, ONTEX, an osteosarcoma clinical trial search tool curated by our friends at Osteosarcoma Now.  By partnering with our MIB Agents Family Funds, we are able to offer FACTOR Travel Awards to researchers and clinicians - apply by April 7th! Our wonderful Writer Agents partner with us each month to spread smiles and joy through Warrior Mail, with special gifts this month provided by OsteoWarrior Aiden, Warm Hugs by Erin, and BTG Specialty Pharmaceuticals.  We are always looking for like-minded partners to Make It Better with us. Please reach out if you would like to partner with purpose.

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Our Community

FACTOR Travel Awards Available! Apply by April 7th

Join us June 22-24 at the Whitley Hotel in Atlanta for the 6th Annual FACTOR conference!

Researchers & Doctors: Apply by April 7th for a Family Fund FACTOR Travel Award

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Our OutBarking Winners!

Thank you for OutBarking Osteosarcoma with us! Our esteemed panel of judges had a RUFF time selecting our top three winners who wore it best. Congratulations to Maple, Toxy and Tucker! Peril, our top fundraiser, has been made an honorary MIB K-9 agent!

Keep rocking your OutBarking bandanas throughout the year to help us raise awareness. You can still get your paws on a bandana at the MIB Agents store.

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Spotlight on Vicky Hoy - 2023 Junior Advisory Board Member President

Meet Vicky Hoy, our MIB Agents Junior Advisory Board 2023 President. A freshman at Villanova University, Vicky is an OsteoWarrior who enjoys weightlifting, playing in the orchestra, business and finance, and Making It Better for the osteosarcoma community.

"When I was going through treatment I wanted to find a community that understood what I was going through. My friends and family tried their best to support me, but they could never truly understand as they had never had/dealt with cancer before. MIB Agents seemed like the type of community I was looking for and I immediately applied to join the Junior Advisory Board."

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Career Connection

If you have a job posting and you would like it included here, please email


OsteoBites Webinar Series

April 13 | Cristina Canal, PhD Cold atmospheric plasma: a new therapeutical option for osteosarcoma?
April 20 | osTEAo AYA Podcast Tune in to our AYA podcast to hear OsteoWarriors Camille and Mia discuss navigating scanxiety.
April 27 | Bang Hoang, MD SCF-Skp2 protein complex as a therapy for osteosarcoma by blocking the mutational effects of Rb and p53
May 4 | Janet Yoon, MD Phase 1 trial with GD2-SADA:177Lu-DOTA drug complex in patients with recurrent or refractory metastatic solid tumors known to express GD2

Watch Past Episodes and See the Upcoming Schedule

Tumor Review Board for Osteosarcoma

A virtual tumor review board for osteosarcoma, TURBO is open to global clinicians or researchers with an interest in osteosarcoma.  Patients and families are welcome to ask their oncologists to present a case on their behalf.  Join TURBO to request an invite or submit a case.

Next meeting: May 10th at 5pm ET


Osteosarcoma in the News

Dr. Matteo Trucco, MIB Scientific Advisory Board member and pediatric oncologist at Cleveland Clinic on The 5 Things Everyone Needs To Know About OsteoSarcoma

Read the Interview from Authority Magazine


Warrior Mail Merch Merriment

Thanks to our devoted Writer Agents, March Warrior Mail included 948 cards and letters for 40 Warriors, along with holiday treats like Peeps, chocolate bunnies, airplane kits made by former Warrior Mail recipient Aiden, leather and wood bead MIB bracelets made by the sales team members at BTG Pharmaceuticals, and Warmies from Warm Hugs from Erin. This program creates smiles all around!

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OutSmarting Osteosarcoma Investigators Collaborate

Congratulations to Michael Leibowitz, MD, PhD, and Dan Regan, DVM, PhD on a recent grant from the V Foundation to study a combination of oral and CAR T therapies in dogs with osteosarcoma to predict its efficacy in humans.  Both Dr. Regan and Dr. Leibowitz are recipients of the 2022 MIB Agents OutSmarting Osteosarcoma grants and this combination is a wonderful collaboration of their MIB Agents funded work.

New! Curated Clinical Trial Search for Osteosarcoma


Thanks to our friends at Osteosarcoma Now, MIB Agents now connects to ONTEX, the Osteosarcoma Now Trial Explorer.  ONTEX is an international database that aims to make osteosarcoma clinical trial information available and accessible to all. Each clinical trial has been summarized to give a clear picture of its aims, what it involves, and who can take part.

Access the MIB Agents clinical trials search powered by Antidote to find a clinical trial for osteosarcoma in 60 seconds.

If you have a trial that is currently enrolling osteosarcoma patients and you would like it included here, please email

Find an Osteosarcoma Clinical Trial

Learn About DOD Funding Opportunities

DODWebinar_SocialGraphic (2).jpg

Calling all Researchers!  Join a webinar on April 6th led by Dr. Donna Kimbark to learn about best practices and tips for applying to the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program. The quality of your application is critical to the success of receiving a grant. In 2022, $56 million in funding for 44 awards were given for nine specific cancers.

Email to register.

Global Patient Survey on Osteosarcoma Research Priorities


SPAGN's Patient-Powered Research Network (PPRN) brings together clinicians, patients, and carers to identify and prioritize evidence uncertainties in sarcomas that could be answered by research.  Towards the goal of patient-centered care in sarcomas, SPAGN has launched a project to ask for and bring in the patient perspective and view on sarcoma research. Read the results of Part 1 of the study which assessed unanswered questions about sarcomas needed to drive patient-centered research.  Participate in Part 2 to help prioritize unanswered questions for future research and improved patient advocacy. The goal is to identify the biggest challenges for sarcoma patients and where research and patient advocacy could make the most difference. MIB Agents programs are free of charge, thanks to our generous donors who Make it Better.

Take the Survey

If you have a trial that is currently enrolling osteosarcoma patients, please email

All MIB Agents programs are free of charge, thanks to our generous donors who Make it Better.


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