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Connective Issue #6

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Forging Ahead Together

February means that we are only four months away from our FACTOR conference June 22-24 in Atlanta! Abstract submissions are due February 24th and Family Fund FACTOR Travel Award applications are due April 7th. We look forward to connecting and collaborating in June, but in the meantime, we are thrilled to introduce some new programs to support our community.  A new Healing Hearts series of workshops specifically designed for bereaved siblings is launching in March. And in solidarity with our four-legged friends who suffer from osteosarcoma at a much higher incidence rate than humans, we are launching OutBarking Osteosarcoma fundraiser today! You can buy a cute dog bandana (you know your dog needs one!), share a pic of your pooch, and encourage your family and friends to vote for who wore it best.  As we prepare to start our 2023 OutSmarting review cycle, we are so encouraged by the progress of our 2022 OutSmarting Osteosarcoma funded work and the impact of all our previous recipients. In this issue, we highlight two new clinical trials that are recruiting, including a Disulfiram trial at Case Comprehensive Cancer Center that is the result of work funded by an OutSmarting grant. This is a wonderful example of the synergy between our patient community who work tirelessly to fund brilliant scientists who don't give up. That is what motivates us to keep forging ahead.

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OutBarking Osteosarcoma

The incidence rate of osteosarcoma in dogs in 10-50x higher in dogs than in humans. Groundbreaking osteosarcoma research in dogs will translate to better treatments for kids.  OutBark Osteosarcoma with us!  Order a fashion statement bandana for your doggie, snap a photo of your doggie rocking the bandana, and encourage your friends and family to vote for who wore it best!Learn More.

Get Your Bandana
Enter the Photo Contest

Join us June 22-24 at the Whitley Hotel in Atlanta for the 6th Annual FACTOR conference! Registration will open in February.

Submit an Abstract - Due 2/24/2023  Stay tuned for Travel Awards!

MIB Mingles in Atlanta

MIB Mingles are a wonderful opportunity for conversation and collaboration with our scientific, patient, and industry communities who are united in our goal to Make it Better for osteosarcoma patients. Mingles are open to anyone who wants to Make It Better with us.

RSVP to Mingle with us in Atlanta on 2/23

Spotlight on Sydney's Osteosarcoma Fund

A driving force in our community, MIB Agents Family Funds Make it Better in a meaningful way by supporting osteosarcoma research and patient programs in honor of an OsteoWarrior or OsteoAngel. Greg and Sarah Kaplan created a Family Fund in honor of their daughter Sydney, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in September 2018 in her sacrum when she was 13 years old, and passed from this world on November 25, 2020. Greg and Sarah have a Family Fund in honor of Sydney and Greg joined the MIB Agents Board of Directors in 2021 as Treasurer.

Read More About Sydney

Professor Norman Jaffe - The Osteosarcoma Giant

Professor Norman Jaffe, DSc, MD was a professor of pediatrics, and pioneer in the treatment of osteosarcoma and other pediatric bone and soft tissue tumors. In 1966, while at the Children’s Cancer Research Foundation (currently the Dana‐Farber Cancer Center in Boston,MA), Dr. Jaffe was the first to begin the administration of high‐dose methotrexate followed by leucovorin rescue to eradicate pulmonary metastases in patients with osteosarcoma. Read about Dr. Jaffe's impact

Career Connection

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OsteoBites Webinar Series

February 16 | Jayanthi Parthasarathy BDS, MS, PhD Virtual surgical planning and 3D printing in pediatric musculoskeletal oncological resections
March 2 | Kenneth Rankin, MBChB, MD, FRCS SarcoSIGHT – A randomised controlled trial of fluorescence guided sarcoma surgery versus standard of care
March 9 | Kelly Bailey, MD, PhD  Ewing Sarcoma and Osteosarcoma Have Distinct Immune Signatures and Intercellular Communication Networks
March 23 | Erin Murphy, MD SBRT and SRS for Sarcoma

Watch Past Episodes and See the Upcoming Schedule

Osteosarcoma Tumor Board

Open to researchers and clinicians

A virtual tumor review board for osteosarcoma, TURBO is open to global clinicians or researchers with an interest in osteosarcoma.  Patients and families are welcome to ask their oncologists to present a case on their behalf.  Join TURBO to request an invite or submit a case.

Next meeting: March 8th at 5pm ET


Osteosarcoma in the News


NEW Healing Hearts of Siblings

New to Healing Hearts in 2023 is our program for siblings of OsteoAngels. Healing Hearts of Siblings will be facilitated by our Healing Hearts grief specialist Lori Krause. The group will meet every other Sunday evening at 7PM ET starting on March 5th and will run through May 14th. A link to register for the Zoom meeting can be found here.  To learn more or to request an Ambassador Agent, contact

Register for Healing Hearts for Siblings

Ambassador Agents

MIB Agents Osteosarcoma Alliance will be training new Ambassador Agents for our peer support program. We have assisted many OS Warriors and their families by carefully matching them with osteosarcoma survivors and their families. We are always ready to help OS Warriors and their families to find an Ambassador Agent, who are devoted to helping their peers navigate life through osteosarcoma.  Our next in-person training session for Ambassadors will take place at the Whitley Hotel in Atlanta on June 21st, the day before the official start of the MIB Agents FACTOR23 conference in Atlanta.

To learn more or to request an Ambassador Agent, contact

Request an Ambassador Agent


Osteosarcoma Grant Opportunities

CURE Childhood Cancer invests millions of dollars each year into the most promising childhood cancer research, working to ensure children have the best chance to survive their cancer without sacrificing their future health and quality of life. CURE is seeking to fund osteosarcoma and Ewings sarcoma research in 2023.  Applications for the 2023 CURE grant programs are now open and LOIs are due February 17th. The Translation to Cure (T2C) award offers up to 2 years support of $150,000 per year and a new Early Investigator (EI) award offers up to 2 years support of $100,000 per year.  2-3 EI awards will be made in 2023.

Apply for a Cure Grant

Clinical Trials Now Recruiting

Disulfiram With Copper Gluconate and Liposomal Doxorubicin

in Treatment-Refractory Sarcomas

DSF blocks an enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). ALDH breaks down substances in the body that can be toxic. ALDH also appears to be important for making many cancers resistant to chemotherapy drugs like liposomal doxorubicin. The study team believes giving DSF with liposomal doxorubicin will help make the cancers sensitive to the liposomal doxorubicin, making it work better. Cu is an FDA approved dietary food supplement and has been shown in laboratory research to improve how DSF works, which is the rational for giving DSF with Cu. It is currently unknown if and at what dose DSF is safe to be given in this combination. Though DSF has been used for over 60 years for the treatment of alcoholism, this is the first time DSF/Cu is being tested in combination with liposomal doxorubicin in humans. The primary objective of this study is to measure the feasibility, safety and tolerability of DSF/Cu in combination with liposomal doxorubicin and the secondary objective of this study is to measure tumor response, survival, and pharmacokinetics of the combination.

To inquire about the trial, please contact Matteo Trucco, MD 216-444-8950 |

GD2-SADA:177Lu-DOTA Complex in Patients With Solid Tumors

Y-mAbs Therapeutics is currently sponsoring a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients with SCLC, sarcoma, and malignant melanoma who will be treated with GD2-SADA:177Lu-DOTA complex, a 2-step radioimmunotherapy delivered as two separate products to assess safety and tolerability. The SADA technology, also a concept referred to as Liquid RadiationTM, has been shown in research to utilize a targeted payload delivery method where antibody constructs assemble in tetramers and bind to the tumor target. Unbound constructs predictably disassemble into smaller antibody fragments and are excreted through the kidneys within hours after administration. In a second infusion, a radioactive payload binds to the antibody constructs to radiate the tumor. The safety and efficacy of GD2-SADA:177Lu-DOTA drug complex has not been established by health authorities. This product is investigational and has not been approved in the US or globally. For more information, view the video on SADA Technology and read the paper on A Self-Assembling and Disassembling (SADA) Bispecific Antibody (BsAb) Platform for Curative Two-step Pretargeted Radioimmunotherapy.

To inquire about the trial, please contact

Access the MIB Agents clinical trials search powered by Antidote to find a clinical trial for osteosarcoma in 60 seconds.

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