Family Funds are an important part of Making It Better for OsteoWarriors everywhere. These children and families are committed to raising funds in honor of their OsteoWarrior to Make It Better for others. If you would like to set up a fund in honor or memory of your OsteoWarrior or OsteoAngel see below. To find an existing Family Fund see list at left.

Why Have a Family Fund Through MIB Agents:

• Your support enables us to Make It Better for kids with osteosarcoma
When the Fund (regardless of designation) reaches $5,000 or more in an MIB Agents fiscal year  the Donor will be invited to the OutSmarting Osteosarcoma meeting to be an active participant, with one vote, in choosing promising osteosarcoma research initiatives to fund $100,000.
• By raising $5,000 your child’s name will also appear on the check presented to the $100,000 grant winner.
• Give your community an outlet to get involved in helping your warrior and others just like them.
• No setting up a 501c3, getting a board, etc.– MIB Agents has done all the leg work so you don’t have too! Which lets you focus on the more important things like fundraising and helping Make It Better for kids.

Family fund holders present at FACTOR 2020 and raised over $5,000 in 2019 present $100,000 to Dr. J. Andrew Livingston, MD of UT MD Anderson Cancer Center.

What MIB Agents Does:

• Once MIB Agents has received the above information we will set up a fundraising page on our website with a dedicated URL.
• You can update or make any changes to your fundraising page by emailing
• Once the page is live you can share it with family and friends.
• A detailed report can be requested at any time and all individuals donations will be forwarded to designated individuals of your choosing within 24 hours of being received by MIB Agents HQ.
• All donors will receive a receipt for their taxes.

Please Note: Due to the growing volume in donations, any donations made to MIB Agents through Facebook fundraisers that are made in honor of your child will go to MIB Agents general fund unless MIB Agents is made aware of the fundraiser. To have Facebook donations added to your fund please send screenshot of total donation amount and link to the Facebook fundraiser page to

The Process:

To set-up a family fund fill out application (at right) to include:

• Photo of your OsteoWarrior
• A brief summary of their story
• A title for your fund page, for example, “Sarah’s Osteosarcoma Fund”
• A short thank you message to donors
• Select type of fund:
General: This is the best way you can help kids with osteosarcoma. A general fund will allocate funds to where it is needed most. Not only will it help fund meaningful research it may also help complete a mission or a number of other initiatives that MIB Agents undertakes.
Missions and Programs: Designating your fund to Missions and Programs allows your funds to directly impact the end-of-life missions we undertake as well as the programs we offer to patients and their families (Ambassador Agents, Gamer Agents, and Agent Writers)
Osteosarcoma Research: All the funds raised will go towards funding meaningful osteosarcoma research.
Agree to the terms of the Family Fund Agreement

Setup a MIB Agents Family Fund Below

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